The Barbour Guide: Beadnell

Welcome to Part One of the Barbour series! Today we're going to answer all your burning questions about the classic Beadnell jacket as we kick off our guide to all things Barbour. Be on the look out for more to come in the following weeks like the utility jacket, the quilted options and some fun novelty Barbours!


The Beadnell:

From Left to Right: Vintage Red Barbour Beadnell (super old) / Navy Quilted Barbour / Classic Navy Beadnell / Classic Olive Beadnell 

Why I like The Beadnell: I love it mainly for its classic style and look. The Beadnell is something that will never go out of style and is always something to be admired. I've always gravitated towards the Beadnell because it's more slimming and feminine than the classic Bedale jacket. I love the collar, the cuffs, and the tartan print. I love the fit, the way it layers, the way it holds it shape but gets better over time -- I just love everything about this jacket! 

Sizing: These jackets run totally true to size. Always go off the US sizing, which for me is my normal US size 6. They are roomy without drowning you, and allow you to have lots of layers and still be slimming.

*The quilted runs TTS as well, but it's harder to layer because of the thickness of the jacket.

*The red vintage Barbour is much slimmer/smaller. Sizing is based off current (2013 - present day) jacket sizing

My Favorite Color: I have to admit it's totally a toss up between the olive and the navy. I don't think you can go wrong with either of these two classic colors. It totally depends on what you wear. Some years I only wear the blue and some I exclusively wear the olive. Right now I'm on the olive train!

Regular vs Quilted: I really love my quilted Beadnell jacket. I think it's perfect for colder days and winter and quilted jackets are very "in" right now. But my go-to will always be the regular classic waxed Beadnell. They are just too good to pass up!

Here are some detail shots to compare/contrast the Beadnell style:
Navy Beadnell Barbour: Shop it HERE / HERE / HERE and see it styled on the blog HERE and HERE
Olive Beadnell Barbour: Shop it HERE / HERE / HERE and see it styled on the blog HERE and HERE
Quilted Navy Beadnell Barbour: Shop it HERE / HERE / HERE and see it styled on the blog HERE
Red Beadnell Barbour: Shop it HERE. See it styled on the blog HERE and HERE

Beadnell vs Bedale?
The Beadnell is basically the female version of the Bedale. The Bedale is the classic (and I think first) jacket that really went viral for Barbour. It's the jacket that everyone wore and really put the company on the map. The Bedale has a more boxy/unisex fit while the Beadnell is slimming and cut for a female body. The Beadnell also has tartan lining around the inner cuff and under the collar.

Are they warm?
They are not known to be warm. However, they are great for layering and are (I think) best suited for fall and spring weather when you want to wear a light jacket. If you wanted something warmer, I would suggest the quilted jacket as it's lined with fleece or check out some of their other styles of jackets!

I'm buying my first, what do I get?
The classic Beadnell. It's something that I have purchased over and over for myself and those close to me. It's a classic and you can't go wrong with it. 

Are they worth the price?
I believe so, yes. They are definitely an investment but it's something that will last you many years to come!


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