October Reading List

Who's ready for an October reading list! I have really found a passionfor reading and try my best to make time for it each week. I think traveling helps a lot (I like to read on planes) and with a couple of recent trips, I was able to get a lot of books down in October! Hope you enjoy!

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Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan
Summary: I grabbed this book so long ago and it was totally worth all the hype! It's a true story about a girl who, one day, was totally fine and the next thing she knows it's two months later she has a long list of medical disorders, including psychosis. As a reporter, she did a great job gathering the facts about her last couple of (unknown) months in and out of the hospital and breaks the whole thing down for you. It's fascinating and will leave you a little worried any time you get a headache...

Why I liked it: It was (I think) the first non-fiction book I've read in a while and while that could deem it "boring" at times, because of the medical terminology or the after treatment research, I found it absolutely gripping. I had to keep reminding myself that this is all real and a very real thing that happens to a lot more people than we think. 

Would I Recommend It: Yes

The Decent Proposal by Kemper Donovan
Summary: Two very different strangers are forced to come together by an unknown (and very rich) benefactor. They're basically paid a good amount of money to spend time with each other each week -- much to their dismay -- but end up finding that their differences aren't so drastic and a friendship isn't such a crazy thing to consider.

Why I liked it: I liked it but I didn't love it. I couldn't really get into the author's writing style but it was a cute book; kind of predictable but the ending was great. The shorter storylines that didn't get their chance to play out but still tugged at your heart were worth it. It's not the most memorable book ever, but if the summary interests you, you should check it out!

Would I Recommend It: Maybe

The Silent Girls by Eric Rickstad
Summary: My girlfriends at work decided to read this for our book club and we're all really happy with the decision and the book! It's about a mystery of murders in Vermont that are verrryyyy dark and twisted, and how the disappearance of one girl leads to the finding of a serial murderer. 

Why I liked it: I really got into the second half of the book. The first part set everything up and was a little drawn out, but it really got good and was very thrilling in a really dark way. The ending set you up for the sequel that just came out, which we will also be reading.

Would I Recommend It: Yes

*The next three are by an author that I now love. I read the books in this order and have already purchased her other two books. Her writing is simple and easy to read, but she really knows how to tell a story! I've had strong emotional responses to all of her books so far!*

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Summary: The book is based around Emma who has one great love, Jesse, from high school. On their first wedding anniversary he crashes into the ocean and is presumed to be dead. Years go by and she starts to get herself back together and falls in love again with an old friend, Sam. When she is engaged and happy again she gets a call from Jesse saying he's alive and is coming home. Now Emma has to decide between the two loves of her life.

Why I liked it: I cried. It was heart wrenching but in the best way. It goes into the deep emotions of being in love and being loved and there were even some pages I snapped a photo of because the author just got it so right. My mom always told me that there isn't ever "one" true love for people -- there are multiple and they are all different but perfect for you in the same way. This book confirms that!

Would I Recommend It: Yes

Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Summary: It's the story of a girl and how one decision -- to go home with her friend or to leave with the boy she likes? -- leads her down two completely separate roads.  The author does a really good job at paralleling both lives the entire book and I think the cover put it best when they said: "Maybe in Another Life raises questions about fate and true love: Is anything meant to be? How much in our life is determined by chance? And perhaps, most compellingly: Is there such a thing as a soulmate?Hannah believes there is. And, in both worlds, she believes she’s found him"

Why I liked it: It was an easy read and different than others I've read. I especially loved and appreciated the ending. It kind of puts your mind at ease knowing that no matter what, something will work out. And no matter the outcome you know in your mind that this is what is supposed to happen. 

Would I Recommend It: Yes

7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Summary: It's the story of this famous 1950's Hollywood actress and her life from nothing, to stardom to the end of her career, and of course her seven husbands along the way (with all the ups and downs). She has never spoken publicly about her dual lives -- the public one or the real one -- until now and with a completely unknown writer. But you find out that Evelyn doesn't do anything without thinking everything through. 

Why I liked it: This was my favorite book this month and I have already passed the book on to two of my friends (who both loved it). The way the story is told was put together so perfectly (each husband being a chapter and it going between past and present day). Everything was tied together into a bow but also left you guessing and wanting more. It was SO good!

Would I Recommend It: YES!

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