Weekend Update: August 11

Happy Friday guys! Started this week out with a nasty summer cold but all is better and now I'm ready for the weekend. Hope your week was just as fun as mine was!!

Nike Roshe sneakers (been waiting for these to come back in stock!!)
First sweater of the season

NYC Life: On Wednesday Carly, Lauren and I hosted a happy hour at Santina with Aperol and had the very best time! It's always so fun to get our friends together and drink the night away. Last night Andrew and I rode our bikes down to Battery Park and saw Dunkirk at our favorite theater (they have the relining chairs). I do think it was an amazing movie but I didn't think it lived up to all the hype I've been hearing. 

Weekend Plans: Andrew and I have a wedding tonight in Rye and then tomorrow morning we're off to Brigantine for the weekend. Andrews family always rents a house two weeks out of the summer and this weekend we're finally in town to go visit!

Most Popular Item This Week: This bralette! I mentioned it earlier this week and you all seemed to like it. If you want a more in-depth review, let me know below!

Favorite Finds:
Cashmere sweater that won't break the bank
Sweater dress perfect for fall
A pony tail holder that looks like it should be Gucci!
Casual (stunning) $5k dress

Amazon Purchases: Thinking of adding this into the weekend update because I have a seriously bad obsession with buying things on Amazon. I literally buy everything from here and each week I keep finding new toys! 
-My holy grail moisturizer and SPF (that won't make you break out)
-Smart plug (that connects to my Alexa so I can ask her to turn on/off the lights)
-Waffle weave guest towels with ginger jars on them

A Must Read: Big news on the work side of things -- Disney bought a majority share in BAMTech which is huge!

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