Transitioning To Fall

Is it too early to say the F word? I feel like August should kind of be considered the transitional month, right?


Theory: Tolleree Cashmere Sweater / Articles of Society: Sarah Skinny Jeans / Oscar de la Renta: Long Tassel Earrings (more affordable version HERE) / Hermes: Oasis Slides / Serpui Marie: Kesha Bag / RayBan: Wayfer Sunglasses 

To be honest August is my worst month in terms of outfits. I'm no longer buying summer clothes (nor do I want to wear them) and I'm just kind of throwing on whatever works for the weather. It's like we should be getting ready for fall but can't because temps are still pretty warm.

So that is where (I think) the brilliance of a t-shirt sweater comes into play. This was one of my splurges from the Nordstrom sale and I picked it up on accident not looking at the price tag first. But then of course (as the story goes) I tried it on and loved it and bought it and now since the sale, I've worn in three times. Most notably in Montauk a couple weekends ago.

In Montauk it was perfect because the weather was reallllllyyyy cool. Like low 60s cool and this was the perfect top to wear that says "I'm casual, able to go out and cute" all at the same time -- at least that is what I hope it said!

I also wore this top to work yesterday (it's SO soft) and when I left for work it was a good idea but coming home it wasn't. It got so warm yesterday afternoon. But you win some you lose some. Either way I think this entire outfit would be the perfect 'I'm dealing with summer temps but wanting fall style' look for anyones closet!


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