Weekend Update: May 19

Happy Friday! The weather this week has been amazing -- especially today when it's 70 and sunny. The perfect spring day. Warm weather gets me out of my cube and out on the streets so hopefully the trend continues!

A ruffle top begging to be worn with white jeans
The white skirt that will hopefully end my search

NYC Life: I had a fun party yesterday at Christy's for her second Crowns and Rose party at her apartment! Yesterday was so warm it was a perfect way to kick off the summer! I loved especially that I got to see old friends that seemed to hibernate in the winter haha. Andrew and I also had an impromptu date night on Wednesday with dinner at Jacks Wife Freda and dessert at I CE NY which has the rolled ice cream! both were SOOO good. 

Weekend Plans: I know I say this every weekend but I reallllyyyy need to clean my apartment! The week is just a disaster zone of clothes and boxes and the weekend comes and its time to clean it all up and get my life back in order. Ya feel? 

Most Popular Item This Week: My GOAT Bra! So glad you guys liked that post!

Favorite Finds:
Scallop, stripe and a big bow -- what more could I need??
There is nothing I love more than a nice flowy white top -- ordering this for my trip to Nashville!
Florals for summer? Groundbreaking! I need this maxi in my life

Song of the Week: Francis and The Lights featuring Chance the Rapper -- LOVE both artists so much so it's obvious I'm going to love this. 

A Must Watch: history of the entire world, i guess -- this viral video has me intrigued and laughing! Ever wanted to know about the history of EARTH in 20 minutes? Watch this video!

A Must Read: "I spent Two Years Botting on Instagram -- Here is What I Learned" -- Laurie from LL Bean tweeted this out and I thought it was FASCINATING! Also confirms all the bad things I thought about Instagram. 

(links to my outfit featured above)

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