Weekend Update: April 28

Happy Friday! We have been dealing with the WEIRDEST fog lately in the city I just don't know what to do about it. I hate what it's doing to my hair especially... I just want to wear my summer dresses and have it be happy and bright out! Spring, were art thou? 

(testing my luck) gingham overall dress

NYC Life: I had an amazing event with L'Oreal last night in their new office in Hudson Yards and it. was. stunning. I so wish our new offices were going there (they almost did!) so now I'm super sad haha

Weekend Plans: I have really been all over the place this week. With trying to balance work, the blog, a social life, working out and writing my life has been a bit of a mess and it's translating into a messy apartment. I need to deep clean this weekend and get my life back together!

Most Popular Item This Week: This Hydrangea shift dress (for good reasons!)

Favorite Finds:
-I NEED this Milly skirt -- the print is just to die for
-Silver slides that look IDENTICAL to the Gucci ones (just for less than half the price)
-A cute shirtdress for the office
-I'm loving this print on this one shoulder top
-Everyone needs this dress in their life for summer

Favorite Blogger Post: My best friend Caitlin celebrated her six year anniversary of blogging and I could not be more proud of her success. There are only a few genuine people in the world like Caitlin and I'm first and foremost happy to call her my best friend but also so happy and excited for the life she has created for herself! Along with her family and boyfriend, I'm Caitlin's biggest cheerleader!

Song of the Week: I can't remember if I've already called this out or not but this song is SO GOOD. "It was The Song" my M&O

A Must Watch: The Haidmaids Tail on Hulu! It's messed up but good.

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