Weekend Update: March 24

Stayed up way too late to watch UofA lose last night :( My sister went there and I was really hoping (aka I picked them to win in my bracket) they could play Kentucky for the national championship! BUH.
-Another gingham dress #yolo
-A bandana for my bag (is that normal?)
-Another gingham dress... but with bows!
-A pastel lace midi dress
-What looks to be a very comfortable kimono
-The perfect pink and white top to wear with white jeans for summer
Reading: Life has gotten in the way so I'm still working through The Hating Game by Sally Thorne. I don't think I'll be doing a March reading list, but here's to hoping for lots of book time in Saint Lucia!
NYC Life: I got a full facial and a (first ever) peel with Bonnie this week! Getting wedding ready but I have to tell you guys, she is a miracle worker and has totally changed my skin. Would you guys like more info on the process and my skin update??
Weekend Plans: Trying not to pass out from the stress of watching Kentucky play UCLA tonight (and winning) :)
Most Popular Item This Week: Still this lace dress! I'm not going to post about it on social because it keeps selling out, but my color is back in stock in all sizes!!! Shhhhh and hurry!
Favorite Finds:
UMMMM my favorite swimsuit EVER is back in stock and now comes in white. Buying it now...
Simple seersucker off the shoulder dress for under $50? Yes please 
Thinking this dress for my sisters rehearsal dinner. Thoughts??
The perfect white eyelet skirt for summer
SUPER nautical sandals that are going to be soooo cute on my feet :)
Favorite Blogger Post: I'm loving Jess in her peonies dress! She is just the cutest!!
Song of the Week: "Super Rich Kids" by Frank Ocean - Found this on the Big Little Lies soundtrack and now I can't listen to anything else. It's that good!
A Must Watch: Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions -- I LOVE these videos from Wired but I really love these two so it's such a fun watch.
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