Weekend Update: March 10

Good week, but super fast. Also, this weather ... W. T. F?! It was 60 degrees yesterday and today I can't see out my windows because its so snowy. UGH GIVE ME SPRING ALREADY!

Shopping: Did some damage this week but a bulk of that damage came from dress shopping for my sister's wedding. I'll do a larger post about that when the dresses come in! Here's what I got:

-Front tie cami gingham dress -- This should go great with the snow pouring down today (ugh)

-White bow shirtdress - I have a soft spot for shirtdresses 

-Lounge shorts - Because they look sooooo comfy how can you say no!

-Gingham midi skirt - It looks horrrrriiibbblleeee in the photo but I believe it's because they're not wearing it right. I will keep you updated!

-Ruffle shirtdress - This will either be really cute or really old lady. Hoping for the best haha

-Lace midi dress - I got this in blue but that color looks to be sold out :( It's the perfect dupe for the SP dress!

-White linen blazer - I love this style of blazer and I've always wanted one in white!!

Reading: I'm just about to start The Hating Game by Sally Thorne and I'm very excited. I read a good reader review on it.

NYC Life: Am I so boring that I didn't do, go or see anything fun in NYC this week? The baseball season is starting to pick back up and it's getting to be crunch time!

Weekend Plans: Ugh its going to be a rough one. I need to clean the apartment, get my taxes together, shoot, film, and read. There are probably more things I'm even forgetting about. Not going to be a very fun weekend :/

Most Popular Item This Week: Only the best navy bow dress ever!

Favorite Finds: Man oh man are there a lot....
-A color block maxi perfect for the beach (and the wallet!!)
-These sunnies remind me of the $$$$ pair but are only $12!
-A yoga jacket with a bow that if I buy will actually convince me to work out more
-Off the shoulder? Check. Scallops? Check. This dress is to die for!
-I've been searching for a pair of distressed denim shorts that are high waisted and I think I just found them
-Love Jack Rogers? How about with a bow on top??
-A tassel top perfect for spring

Favorite Blogger Post: Carly!! looks amazing on her trip to Bermuda. I can't wait to see more from her time there!

Song Of The Week: "I Don't Care Who Sees" by Devin Dawson. Very reminiscent of early Eric Church and I loveeeeeee it

A Must Read: Chance the Rapper donates $1 million to the Chicago Public Schools. He's one of the good guys. He used profits from his upcoming concert so I'm pretty sure I helped fund this! ;)

A Must Watch: John Mulaney & Nick Kroll's opening monologue for the Independent Spirit Awards. This was AWESOME, but also you need to check out their second part of their opening with Andy Samberg and his tribute to those still alive. They are the best. 

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