Weekend Update: February 24

This week has FLOWN by and I kind of hate it. It happened too quickly and too much was going on. I just couldn't take it. But I am happy the weekend is here so I can finally relax amid the craziness! See what made my week better below!
(see details for shopping the photo above here)
Shopping: Up until yesterday I didn't make a single order. My J.Crew swimsuit arrived (I don't remember if I ever linked it up) but then I found some gingham items on ASOS and I went a little cray :)

Gingham one shoulder bikini (top / bottom)

Gingham scallop bikini (top / bottom) (both under $30!!!)

Reading: This week has been so weirdly busy for me so I haven't picked up a book since I've been back!!! BUT I'm just about to start reading The Regulars: A Novel by Georgia Clark. Excited to share my February reading list soon!

NYC Life: I've fallen in love with a salad company, which should be SHOCKING to everyone because I hate salads. But the Sweetgreen kale caesar salad has found its way into my heart. Does this officially make me a New Yorker? They have locations all up and down the East Coast and in CA!

Weekend Plans: Clean the apartment and start reading my new book! Being away for jury duty and then out of the country last week has really left the apartment in disaster mode. And this week was just so busy and I was thrown off since it was a short one. I feel like I've had little time to myself. This weekend will be just about that!

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Favorite Finds: I have a lot so buckle up!

My next online order will have this tie waist shirtdress at the top of the list. (Its only $50!)

This ring looks awful similar to the Cartier one!

Who doesn't need a navy raincoat in their closet??

These are my favorite makeup setting powders and if I didn't already own two of them, I would snag this trio/gift set ASAP!

Heeled loafers that are another great dupe for the pearl Guccis.

I have never wanted a dress so badly in my LIFE. I'm so sad it doesn't come out until April! Technically I can buy the non gingham version now though... 

My jean shorts come exclusively from J. Crew and they just dropped a new high-waisted pair and I'm IN.

Favorite Blogger Post: Taylor looks SO pretty (as always) in this little white dress! She's an all-time favorite of mine! 

Song of the Week: "One Chick" by Sondai

A Must Watch: My Dublin Vlog! (am I allowed to self promote??)
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