Weekend Update: February 10

Talk about a whirlwind of a week! It was both good and bad of course but filled with lots of fun stuff :) Can't wait for you to check it out below...
Tweed Fit & Flare Dress -- I mentioned it last week and it would be rude of me NOT to buy this dress.

Sleeveless Sweater -- You can never go wrong (especially when it comes to layering) with a sleeveless sweater like this. 

Mule Socks -- I didn't know they existed but boy do they come in handy when wearing those backless loafers!

Mixed Gingham Shirt -- Would also be rude for me not to get this. I'm hoping it will become a closet staple.

Wool Peplum Sweater -- Perfect for styling in the cold weather but still looking cute :)

Reading: The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty. I actually started this today since I finished my new book with the help of jury duty. I loved What Alice Forgot so much I wanted to read more from the author. I picked up this and Big Little Lies which I've heard great things about. 

NYC Life: This has been SUCH a different week for me. I'm so particular about my routines and this week did not seem to follow any of that. On Monday I got an amazing facial with Bonnie (thanks for the rec, Julia!) and she is seriously amazing and would highly recommend for anyone in the NYC area. 

On Wednesday I had jury duty (buh) and spent the whole day there. I kind of liked it because I got to read but it still wasn't the best way to spend a day (especially when it was SO nice out). On my way home I dropped and shattered my phone (that I had been so good about NOT breaking for the past three years). So I had to go and get a new one . I went with the 7 plus for the camera. It's so big but I do love it. Also, it's SO expensive! 

On Thursday NYC got hit HARD with a snowstorm and I worked from home. I hate working from home because I get lazy and very unmotivated and I like socializing with people. So I took a "nap" at 6p and woke up at 9p and I HATE doing that. It's seriously the worst feeling in the world. Another reason I could never blog full time. 

Today will be a normal work day for me and dinner with Taylor and her boo after work at Cookshop (if she makes it in!) But I have a lot of work stuff to do before end of day since I will be out all next week (that jury duty summons turned into a selection).

Weekend Plans: Getting my sh*t together and preparing for the full week ahead Also we leave for Dublin on Thursday night so I have to get things in order for that as well! Then of course the usual shooting and cleaning. It's fashion week in NYC but I stopped doing that two years ago.

Most Popular Item This Week: This black (affordable) wrap dress. It really is the best! I'm going to wear it to court next week.

Throwback Post: YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT A TBT?? Since our trip to Dublin is around the corner, here is one of my earliest blog posts recapping my week abroad there in school. Omg the young (mostly) drunk college child I was. God bless

Favorite Finds:
BP Loafer Pump -- Guys, these look IDENTICAL to the Gucci ones!

Sam Edelman Bags (this and this). I love that they look so much more expensive and come with a little scarf already attached. Plus there are so many fun color options I could faint!

Hands down the cutest straw tote you will ever find. The question is: pom poms or tassels?? 

A scalloped suede jacket that you know I bought the moment I saw it.

Cutoff white skinny jeans. My love/obsession for AG is real and I need a new pair of white skinny for this year. Thinking these will be it!

Favorite Blogger Post: Brunch at Home with Lauren Nelson. I need Lauren to invite me over ASAP. The blue and white goodness is amazing.

Song Of The Week: "Pretty" by Yenin Francisco. This song jams. 

A Must Read: Best Products For Acne Prone Skin. Yes, yes and yes! Loved this guide

A Must Watch: "River" Dance Video
My guilty pleasure is watching videos like this on YouTube. I would love nothing more than to be able to dance like this and take these classes. This video and this routine and these dancers are STUNNING. I've watched it about 5,000 times and I'm about to watch it again because I'm that obsessed. 

Ask Me Anything: How much content do you shoot on the weekend? A full week's worth since I have a full-time job during the week, Andrew and I shoot 3-4 looks one day during the weekend. The other day is usually a day for filming and writing blog posts for the week!
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