Apartment Update: Entryway

Sharing another little sneak peek at the new apartment today and talking about my entryway (which was a big ole pain in the tush!!) 

bar cart / fake lemons / similar umbrella stand (everything else is either from TJ Maxx, Homegoods or not online)

This is what you see right when you open the door to my apartment. To the left is the kitchen space and to the right is the living room and dining area. This was honestly the biggest struggle for me to decorate because this wall is just so awkward! I knew I wanted a bar cart in the apartment and more specifically I wanted THIS bar cart so I knew this space would be the perfect place for it. That was not the hard part...

Not totally sure if you can tell but the wall is angled two different ways. One is diagonal going toward the living room and one is in line with the kitchen and almost perpendicular to the diagonal wall. Which is totally fine on its own but that dang light is totally off center.

The light, which came with the apartment, isn't center on the diagonal wall it sits on. It's centered on the entire entryway wall, which in turn makes it look off-center and it drives me crazy. Originally I just wanted to get rid of the light and hang up a beautiful gold mirror there but it couldn't be done. I originally was left with this horrid wall that just stared at me every time I walked in.

One day it hit me: paint the wall and paint it with blue stripes. Voila! That was the perfect solution because it looks fun and inviting but also solves my problem of getting around the light fixture. Also, if I painted both walls (aka the entire thing) it would make the light look more balanced.

This wall is actually the same color paint from my bedroom and it's the perfect color navy for me. It's a custom color I asked them to match from my large monogramed R pillows from Pottery Barn. I told Andrew the plan and one weekend we decided to get it done.

If you want to test your relationship, paint striped lines on a wall. My goodness. It was so difficult and I'm most upset that we didn't take ANY before/during/or after photos. UGH.

I know the lines bled though in some places. We did not know what we were doing and we have planned on cleaning up those lines for 3 months now and we're still where we started. At this point its just so small I don't totally care. Maybe one day I will hahah. As long as the lines are straight and the wine is flowing, I'm good.

P.S. If you want a full tutorial/guide of how we painted this and the process, let me know down below!

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