Weekend Update: January 20

Did anyone else think this week just FLEW by? I think since it was short it seemed to be gone in the blink of an eye. Just so crazy (and happy) the weekend is already here. Let's see what made my week so great!

Shopping: I think all of my orders get in today actually! I'm a total creature of habit where I buy new things on Wednesday and two day ship them to my apartment. 

Wrap Dress Under $100: I have a serious love for wrap dresses that aren't expensive and this one looked super cute -- especially with that ruffle at the bottom. The material looks a little strange (like shiny) but I thought it was totally worth a shot!

Collared Scallop Top: Collared shirts like this are so hit and miss but when they're look good they look SO good. I hope this will look cute and not like a little kid, but we shall see!

Gingham Dress: TOTALLY inappropriate item to buy in mid January but like it's gingham and its cute so I needed it. 

Ruffle Shift Dress: I had the hardest time trying to figure out if I wanted this in red or pink! I know red looks great on me but I barely have anything pink so I took a step outside my comfort zone and ordered the pink. Hope it's cute for v-day!

Fit and Flare Dress: Thought this would be cute for work!

Workout Leggings: These I thought were just so cute! I want to try and get some really great workout clothes to motivate me to get my butt to the gym. Fingers crossed this works! 

Reading: Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danier: not a good week for my reading time. I'm only a few chapters in when I so wish I was already done with this book! I did have a hiccup where I was reading another book and hated it so I switched over to this. I will keep you updated on how I like it!

NYC Life: Last night a small group went to see Hidden Figures at the new iPic movie theatre. It's all the way downtown but it was such a fun experience. This is like the creme de la creme of movie theaters where the seats lie almost flat, they give you a blanket and pillow, free popcorn and table service (with like nice glasses for wine!). It was just so fancy and the movie was also so great! 

Weekend Plans: Hopefully reading more of my book, shooting some blog photos and snap chatting a small apartment tour! I promised you guys it last weekend and time totally got away from me. It'll be quick and informal so if you want to see it, add me on snapchat @kristalinn14 

Most Popular Item This Week: The blue wrap coat -- this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone because this jacket is amazingggggggg!

Throwback Post: Cotton Shirtdress -- one of my all time favorite posts, NBD

Favorite Finds:
J. Crew Flats - They look an awful lot like my Chanel cap toe flats! They would be worth a purchase!

Stripe Off the Shoulder Top: Are you ready for spring? Because we'll all need this

Gingham Cocktail Shirt: I needed this yesterday so I think I'm going to get it -- I should get it right??

Favorite Blogger Post: How to Be a Successful Blogger by Jessica. I LOVED this post and you should all check it out. First off Jessica is amazing and I totally have a girl crush on everything she does. But second (and most important) this is post is actually helpful and thought out and not one of those blogger posts that don't actually say anything.

Song of the Week: Change of Heart by The 1975 - a work friend and I were talking about his love for The 1975 and I always love music recommendations. So I checked them out and fell in love with this song. I can't stop singing it!

A Must Read: The Bush Sisters letter to the Obama Sisters -- I know this is a week old already but I still think it's worth a read. It was heartfelt and wonderfully written.

A Must Watch: Last Week Tonight Season 4 Promo - YES YES YES. I l-o-v-e John Oliver and this promo is amazing. I laughed like 5 times. (Second place nod is Ellens tribute to the Obamas)

Ask Me Anything: Hey! Ask my questions below so I can answer them for next week or email me!

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