Backless Loafers for All Budgets

Anyone else lusting over these loafers? I feel like I'm not quite cool enough to wear them and therefore pull the trigger. BUT I have found some some really great dupes that are coming out if you don't want to pay the full price tag. See more below!


Left ($125) / Center ($89) / Right ($995)

These shoes are actually what prompted this blog post. I was like oh wow these look SO much like the Gucci pair and they're actually under $100. I thought what better way to dip my toe in the trendy water than with these shoes. If I don't love them, they are easy to return but seriously how cute are they!!

Left ($250) / Right ($595)

I swear two months ago there wasn't a single backless loafer that weren't Gucci or a ton of money but now they are seriously everywhere which I am loving. I love a good (and affordable) dupe -- especially on more trendy items. Why spend so much money on something that might not be in style next year.

That's my thought now... I mean maybe I'll get these shoes in next week and be like welp, ok... I love them and I need the real things. I will keep you guy updated!

If there are other dupes out there, link me below so we can all shop them!

*image source - let me know if this is your photo and I will change credit!


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