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I'm teaming up today with Marshalls to surprise some loyal followers of the blog. Is there anything better than having your Pinterest boards come to life? Answer: no.

A lot of people always ask how I originally gained my following and I have to admit that a big chunk of people originally found me via Pinterest. It's such a great place to connect with readers, share inspiration and get some really fun ideas.
With the help of Marshalls, I was able find some pin pals (get it??), explore what their pin-spiration was and shop for them -- just a little way to say thank you!  Marshalls is such a fun place to explore and always find something amazing for yourself or those in your life. Walking around the store gives me so much inspiration to shop and find hidden gems. Just like Pinterest, you'll never know what surprises will inspire you at Marshalls!

So act surprised if you're reading this and know it's you for when your package comes in the mail :) Marshalls provided gift cards to shop for each follower and I can't wait to show you what we got!
Lauren by Ralph Lauren Boots, Marshalls finds
For Pinner #1: Her boards were all about fashion. She loves fall and fall items so when shopping for her I made sure to snag some really awesome designer booties (perfect for fall) and an awesome black sweater that will be easy to transition throughout the seasons. I think she's going to love it!
Marshalls finds
For Pinner #2: Her boards were all about her new dog (the cutest BTW!) so I knew we had to get goodies that would make both of them happy. I found the most adorable doggy bed (makes me want a dog!), a really preppy winter jacket -- for the dog of course -- a cute duck toy and a super plush navy blanket that they both can enjoy. The steal here is definitely the blanket. It's SO SOFT. I may need to go back and get one for myself. I also snagged her a really cute clock for her desk at her new job!
For Pinner #3: Her boards were all about the home. Marshalls is a go-to for home decor and with the ideas Kim had pinned I thought of all the right items! First is the beautiful marble clock that will look great in her silver/grey/glam wine room. I also snagged these fireless candles since she had pinned so many of them -- a girl can never have enough. I also found this really cute decorative jewelry tree to organize all of her items. It'll match perfectly with her decor.
It was just so much fun shopping for my readers and I'm so thankful to Marshalls for helping with this fun adventure! As much of a treat as it was to shop for you guys, it was a treat for me. I really enjoy physically shopping at Marshalls. I always find so many things I didn't know I needed. Plus, the people are always so nice and ready to help you find everything (shoutout to Amanda at the NYC store for helping me track down a matching candle for Pinner #3)! 

Be sure to follow along on the Marshalls Pin Pals Pinterest board. You'll never know what #MarhsallsSurprise is coming your way!
Thanks to Marshalls for sponsoring today's post!

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