Barbour Snow Bedale

Nothing says fall like a new Barbour jacket! Really excited to show you all this new style for 2016. It's unlike anything else I own and I totally love it. 


Layers for Fall, Halogen Mock Cashmere Sweater
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Halogen Mock Cashmere Sweater
Barbour Snow Bedale
 Barbour: Snow Bedale c/o / Halogen: Mock Cashmere Sweater / Rails: Carter Shirt / AG: Skinny  Jeans / Ted Baker: Booties (old; similar) / Ray-Ban: Wayfarer Sunglasses

Out of all the Barbours I own, a Bedale was surprisingly not in my collection! So I was pretty excited to add this jacket to the crew. It's unlike anything I previously owned, which made me even more excited. My first black Barbour and (the best part) it has a nice fur lining for winter.

When I saw this jacket at the preview, I fell in love right away. The fur collar and the softest fur inside the zipper was awesome and I knew it would be really great for winter. One of the hard things about Barbour is that they are really made for fall. They are made for layering and adding liners, but not so much for 10 below or snow. Not to say I don't wear them anyway just saying they are not usually a go-to in the winter. 

But this jacket... I think this one will be! It has all the great makings of a winter coat and still gives you that Barbour feel. What more could you want? I really love the long tight bottom half of the sleeves. It really helps keep everything warm and locked in. 

We shot this look last weekend and it was SO windy and pretty chilly so I'm glad I was able to test out the jacket in real life. Did it pass the test? I don't know, I only wore it every day last week so you tell me.


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