Side Stitch Denim Shirtdress

Get your wallets ready because I'm about to save you some money (seriously)...


Side Stich Denim Shirtdress
Fendi 2Jours Bag
White Ball Earrings from Etsy
Side Stich: Denim Shirtdress / Steve Madden: Booties (identical here & here) / Karen Walker: Star Sailor Sunglasses / Fendi: 2Jours Bag / Etsy: White Ball Earrings

Good story about this dress. I originally really wanted this other one and was about to buy but it sold out in my size the day they got it in. And it was a bit pricey so I thought it was just the world telling me I don't need this dress, so I listened. Then I was shopping online and saw (what looked like) the exact dress in my size and I knew I had to snatch it up.

It wasn't until a little later I realized the dress I bought was over $100 cheaper than the first one and they were two different dresses! They literally still look exactly the same to me except that the more expensive one has buttons. For the price, I can live without buttons. Ya feel?

I wore this on Saturday running around town and it was the perfect dress for the in-between days of summer and fall. It's so flowy so you get a lot of good air circulation on the hot days but it looks like fall (especially when you pair it with some booties) so it's a win-win in my book.

Now let's talk about these earrings. I'm sure you've seen them around town and I'm sure you've choked over the price. Yes the designer pair is anywhere from $275-$500. No thanks. BaubleBar has this pair of earrings that are pretty similar but I wasn't crazy enough for them.

Then I found these. Yes. Yes. Yes. $35 for an exact replica of the earrings? Where do I sign up? I picked my color, my color of metal and the backing (I got white, gold and clip earrings) which I thought made it way more fun. 

They ship from the UK but arrived within a week or two of order. They're really lightweight so you can wear them all day long without worry and they are SO CUTE. I'm going to order my next pair right now.

You can shop them HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE. Happy shopping!


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