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Old Navy Workout Pants, Citi Bike NYC

Let's get personal today ladies! I feel like talking and you should listen up. You of course don't have to but I think it'll be worth your while. If you're a boy then MOVE ALONG. Monday - Fridays are for the girls. (Barstool reference that 10% of you will get).


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Old Navy workout pants, yoga pants
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Old Navy Workout pants
SweetSpot Labs On-the- Go Wipes
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So a couple of weeks ago SweetSpot Labs reached out asking for me to try out their line of feminine body care products and after the summer we're having I couldn't say no! So they sent me a large pack of On-the- Go Wipes, some on the individually wrapped On-the Go Wipettes and their Gentle Wash to try out. Not thinking much of it, I threw it in my work bag and was off.

It wasn't until this really really *really* hot day -- so hot and humid it was like hard to breathe -- that I used them. See where I am at the new place I ride my bike to work -- straight shot down the west side highway and in 8-11 minutes (depending on how slow or how late I am) I'm at work. It's super easy and I love to be on the water.

On normal summer days you break out in a little forehead and maybe some back sweat and it’s no biggie because you're hopping into a fully air conditioned place where you'll cool down instantly. WELL on this super-hot-no-good-day it wasn't like that. I mean there was sweat from places I didn't know I could sweat from and it was like I didn't even shower that morning. I felt GROSS. What a way to start off work, right? 

Until I realized I had these On-the-Go Wipes in my bag that I totally forgot to utilize until now (I'm the worst) and I thought no better time than the present to test them out -- see what they can do. So I started wiping down my neck, lower back (if we're being real... under boob too) and arms -- just everywhere there was sweat. I thought this day was no match for these wipes. 

I was wrong. 

I cannot tell you how instantly refreshed I felt the moment after wiping down. It was so much better than the kitchen napkin I get from the breakroom at work -- this actually made me feel clean. It was really so strange to me! Not to mention I smelt great. It really just turned my whole day around and I was like BOO-YAH! 

So I started to really believe in these little wipes that pack such a big punch and started using them every. single. day. I would use them for all sorts of things and just felt better after doing so. 

Then I started taking the pack with me traveling -- Toronto, Chicago, Montauk -- just to have in my bag after a long day on the plane (you know that icky feeling you get from planes) or after a day at the beach. I just found so many great ways to use them! I'm already almost through my first pack and I've ordered two more (one full pack and one multi pack with on the go wipes). 

And if we're getting really personal here these are *great* when you have your period. I won't go into detail because that would just be a little weird but these are really the best thing to have around during that time of the month! Did I mention they are pH balanced with 98% natural ingredients and gynecologist recommended? I think that's why they call it SweetSpot :) 

You can get them at your local Target or (if you're not near a Target like me) online. The big On-the-Go Wipes are only $10! Seriously the best money you'll spend all week. 

And I know I know people are always so up in arms over sponsored posts and how I'm being paid to say this but do you really think I would go this in-depth and this personal over something I don't really care for? These things are the BOMB and you're going to be so happy you got them. TRUST ME. 

I'll also be sure to report back when I've tested out the gentle wash (waiting for another wash to run out) and I'm really excited!


Thanks to SweetSpot Labs for sponsoring todays post!

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