Friday Five September 9

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Very exciting week this week AND it was super short so it really flew on by. So many exciting things to share with you all below be sure to click and check them out!

ONE / Framed
The LA Times wrote this six part (true) mystery story about this PTA mom that was framed by a "power couple" at the school. They planted drugs in her car and tried to get away with it. It's a fascinating story -- one you should read when you have the time! 

TWO / Sully the movie
I saw Sully last night with Tom Hanks, directed by Clint Eastwood and it was SO GOOD!! I guess they come out a day early in the city? Anyway, it's a story about Captain Sullenberger and how he landed US Airways flight 1549 on the Hudson River in NYC in 2009. I had heard about the incident but I was much younger and didn't really understand the magnitude of it.

Being so close to 9/11 and also in the city, this was a huge thing for everyone. The fact that everyone survived, that he had a successful crash into a freezing river -- I mean it's amazing. Truly amazing. The movie was awesome and that's saying a lot because I had really high expectations going into it. The trailer (if you haven't seen it, watch it HERE) has even got me hyped all over again to see it. 

tl;dr: It was awesome. Go see it.

Bloglovin + Adweek came out with this really interesting infographic about what platform is right for your industry (blogging, lifestyle, DIY, travel... etc) by looking at followers and engagement on each platform. It's a quick and interesting read!

New arrivals are here and I'm totally crushing on some things but need your help! I really love this scarf but I cannot for the life of me decide on a color... navy or tan? I can't go wrong either way but still... WHAT TO CHOOSE?! I also picked up this dress because it's navy, affordable and something I can wear to work. They also came back with this shirt that sold out so quickly last year in a different print!

FIVE / Aladdin On Broadway
This was the highlight of my week! On Wednesday I saw Aladdin on Broadway with Disney Style and it was awesome. The show was truly magical and if you ever have a chance, go see it. The way they made this into a show was incredible, the costumes were jaw dropping and the cast (especially the genie) were out of this world.

SIX / Help Me Decide on Boots
You all know I love (and wear to death) my Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots. I swear by them and in the fall and winter they are truly all I will wear. I've been wanting a pair of the Walnut Suede since last year (they sold out quickly) so this year I told myself was the year to pull the trigger. I was all set until I saw these new Thighland pair. They are *so* pretty I can't help but want them.

So here is my dilemma: I hate wearing heels in the city. It's just not feasible. So that's why I always strayed away from the Highland boots because they were just too tall for my lifestyle. But these Thighland pair are a perfect heel height and buying these would make them a little more dressed up and more importantly, different than my other two pairs of Lowlands. BUT I don't know how comfortable they'll be walking around all day in the city... UGH What do you guys think? Tell me below!

EXTRA: You will cry laughing at this video (I know Andrew and I did)

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