Friday Five September 30

Monogrammed Barbour Jacket
Just got back from Vermont and now I'm off to Atlanta for the weekend to visit my family. And then this will be the last travel I have planned for the year until Hawaii for Christmas! Eek! That means the postseason is just about here and I'm so excited. Check out what made my week so great below...
ONE / Ultimate Barbour Guide
Stop what you're doing and head over to this Barbour guide! Tnuck always kills it with their guides for Barbour every fall and still you learn something new each year. If you've ever wanted a Barbour or are ready for another one, this guide (and one stop shop) is for you!
I personally have (and love + recommend) the Beadnell (in Navy or Olive) as a starter/must have because it is classic, a thick vest (that also zips into your jacket!) and a new style quilted jacket (seen above). 

TWO / New Music
These songs might be old by now because I forgot to do a Friday Five last week but I still wanted to post about them because I have been jamming out over here! First is this "Closer" cover by Walk off the Earth. I swear it's better than the original! The other is called "Girls @" by Joey Purp featuring Chance the Rapper. I l-o-v-e Chance so really anything he sings on I love but this song is actually super catchy!

THREE / My Favorite Navy Sweater
Run, don't walk, to your nearest store to pick up this sweater. Omg I am in love. It's perfect for fall and you're going to wear it everyday. I swear by it!! I bought it last week at an event and have no. joke. worn it 5-6 times since. It's so soft and the sleeves make it super flirty
I bought it in navy and wanted it in beige but the beige was kind of see through (with a nude bra even!). But the navy is honestly perfect and I'm so happy with the purchase!

FOUR / Niall is BACK!
Heyyyyyy boo boo <3 I missed you and your sweet sweet voice. PUT IT ON REPEAT

FIVE / THE Boots
Y'all, I pulled the trigger! It was triple points at Nordstrom, I had a note and it just felt *right.* I've never wanted a pair of shoes to work more than these. I'm so nervous but excited. I just want them in already!!
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