Friday Five September 16

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Happy Friday! This weekend is another chill one for me and I'm looking forward to it. Did you see what I did during my last weekend at home? Glad you all are liking it so much! Click through to see what made my week GR-eat! (in the Tony the Tiger voice...)

Politico wrote this amazing piece about 9/11 and created an oral history from a ton of different interviews about what happened on Air Force One that day. It's a long read but I thought it was really interesting, very well done and a must read. 

TWO / Tuckernuck (and a must have dress)
This is not a drill -- Tuckernuck fall is HERE and it's AMAZING! They always have the best items for fall and they have not disappointed this year. I bought this dress (I've never needed a dress more) and it didn't hurt that it was only $58! I want this fairisle sweater and this nautical sweater too!

THREE / Chance on Ellen + Donald Glover on The Late Late Show
If you know me you know I LOVE Chance the Rapper. Like l-o-v-e love. I think what he stands for is amazing and every. single. time. I see him perform (tv, online, etc) he always has so much energy and excitement. Its like he truly and deeply loves what he does. ANYWAYS he was on Ellen yesterday and it was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Watch it here!

Also Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) was on The Late Late show and did an impromptu jam session with Reggie Watts and it was awesome. I want a full song!! 

DID YOU HEAR?! J. Crew is now available at Nordstrom and it's like combining my two favorite things into one! I had no idea this was happening and then I was shopping this week and was like, "Oh that looks like a J. Crew blazer I have." Then I found out it was and I was like, "whhhhaaaaa!?" I'm totally happy because that means I can have J. Crew two-day shipping without it being like $30. Woo-hoo!

So I'm a total marketing and ad nerd. It was always my second passion in life and I read AdWeek like it's a gossip magazine. Anyway, I saw this commercial for Apple's new iPhone 7 and I loved it. An ad should keep you engaged, wanting more and leave a stamp in your memory. This did all three.

Apple of course has a very good track record of amazing commercials. My other two favorites are THIS ONE and THIS ONE

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