Friday Five August 5

Happy Friday friends. I am off this weekend for my brothers wedding in Chicago... so excited to see the family! It also starts my #noweekendsfree until mid November... A lot of fun stuff coming up I'm excited to share. Until then, here is what made my week so great:

ONE / Nordstrom Sale
There are only THREE days left in the sale so make sure you have everything you wanted before it ends. There is nothing worse than wanting something that used to be on sale and now is full price. If you need some inspiration, here are my reviews, my favorites and a recently styled dress on sale!

TWO / New Elephant Lilly Print
I think we all have a minor obsession with elephants and when it comes to Lilly Pulitzer prints, it becomes a major thing. I LOVE their new print "Get Trunky" and I need everything in it. Did I also happen to mention that it's blue and blue?? hehe! I'm also wearing this dress to the reception dinner this weekend. I think it's perfect!

THREE / Instagram Stories
What do we think?? It's SO weird but I like felt so self conscious posting on there I didn't know what to do... I posted and then like an hour later I took it down. Instagram doesn't know me the way snapchat does. Ugh. And I don't want to like annoy people on there... I need your advise on what to do! Ignore it? Post more? #Help

FOUR / The Night Of
TELL me you've been watching the night of on HBO. It's SO good, like so so good and I need to know what happens. I wish it was a Netflix thing so I could just binge the whole thing. Kind of like people are doing with stranger things. Ahh I love it. It comes on Sunday's before my main man John Oliver. 

FIVE / The Wedding Dress
My brother is getting married this weekend and this is the dress I decided on! It honestly fits like a GLOVE and I'm so happy with it. Ah! Anything with a bow, I'm all in. It kind of reminds me of my Christmas dress but just reversed. 

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