Friday Five June 23

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Weeks are going by WAY to fast it's crazy. My apartment is a mess because I'm starting to pack, my mom gets in on Monday, I move on Thursday and I'm so excited! I also am going skydiving this weekend (a make up for the weather last time we tried to go). PS I need some advice below!
ONE / Closet Cleanout
I'm doing a MAJOR closet clean out and things need to GO! If you want anything, email me! I delete everything once it's sold so if you see it, you can buy it.
TWO / Back in Stock
My favorite skirt is back in stock!! These sold out real quick so be sure to snag one while you can!! (You can also find more sizes if they sell out HERE)
THREE / New Apartment Decor
Guys, moving date is SO SOON! A few more home decor items on my list (and something I need your opinion on!) Which do you like better: DESK ONE or DESK TWO [both in white]? 
Also thinking THIS for my bed side tables because they're going to look great with my new GINGHAM HEADBOARD (!!!!!!) from Society Social. It's a custom project that I'm so excited to share with you guys soon!
FOUR / New Beaded Earrings
I feel like beaded earrings are the new thing this season and I just found a new new pair to get! These are super cute and come in two different colors. I'm thinking blue? Because duh... it's me. Also loving these!!
FIVE / Apartment Tour
Crazy that a couple weeks ago I shot and filmed an updated apartment tour and now I'm moving to a new place. Better late than never? Either way I'm excited to share it with you guys soon. If I hit 7k subscribers on YouTube I'll post the video it before it's on the blog!
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