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Happy Friday friends! It was a short week with the recent trip to Nantucket but it was a good one! Check out more below :)

ONE / Open Letter from Stanford Victim
So I don't usually dive into topics like this normally (or half heartedly) but this really weighed down on me and my heart this week. If you've been paying attention to the news or social media lately, you might have seen some people talking about the Stanford rape and the open letter that the victim (who remains anonymous) wrote. 
I first saw it on Buzzfeed when I was in Nantucket and while it is a longer read, it's a very important one. Keeping my feelings and thoughts out of it as to not push an idea on anyone reading this, I just wanted to share. Joe Biden responded yesterday in an open letter as well.
TWO / I'm Moving!
If you are following along on my YouTube channel (which you really should be) you already know this but for those that don't, surprise! You can see the quick announcement video (and semi quick tour) HERE.
I ordered the moving essentials: tool kit, sparkle and this tray!
THREE / The shoes are BACK IN STOCK!
The wedges of the summer are back in stock in all colors and sizes! Act fact because they're going to go fast. These are the ones that look exactly like the chloe suede shoes. I've worn them HERE, HERE and HERE.
FOUR / Perfect Summer Wedding Dress
I was shopping the other day and stumbled upon (what I think) is the perfect summer wedding dress! It's under $100, it can totally be dressed up or down and it's the perfect color for summer. Yay!
FIVE / Schutz Mella Wrap Wedges
These are also finally back in stock online -- I got SO many emails about these and where you guys could get them. Well, now they're here! Happy shopping :)
Weekend Plans: (mom don't read this part if you're in a bad mood!) But I'm going SKYDIVING tomorrow! I'm SO excited. I've wanted to do this since high school and now I'm finally getting the chance to do it. I asked it from Andrew for my birthday present and like the good BF he is, he got it for me!! EEEK! 

Favorite Blogs: Jen (from Skirt the Rules) is back from her anniversary trip abroad and I'm just patiently waiting for her post everyday so I can live vicariously through her!! 

Recent Purchases: This banana leaf skirt (SO cute), this -- what I think -- safari dress and matching chino shorts and these sunnies!!
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