Friday Five May 6

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WHAT a week it has been. Sharing a little more below so pop on into the post and let's chat!!
It really started with me trying to figure out if I want to renew my lease in Chelsea (my studio apartment, see a home tour HERE). Trying to find a new place in the city is CRAZY stressful and I didn't know if I was up for it. But everything works out like planned and I will be sure to tell you guys the update soon! 
ONE / Another Gingham Swimsuit
I'm going to Nantucket in June and I think I need this swimsuit.... DO I NEED THIS SWIMSUIT?! It's just so darn cuteeeee!
TWO / Madison Wisconsin Snapchat Story
Tell me this is not the cutest thing you've seen! Snapchat is where love happens and I actually hope it works out for them!
THREEE / Shop IG page
I now have a new and improved Shop My Instagram page! I'll be updating this daily with most current shapable images for you guys. Just be sure to check it out. Kind of really over the other way of doing things so I hope this is more helpful for you guys!
FOUR / New PJs
I got new PJs in and I'm SO excited. I have this pair already in the pale pink but you just know I had to get the navy!! I was looking around and they're actually 25% off today (which never happens) so if you wanna be twins check them out HERE and buy!!
FIVE / In My Cart
New part of the Friday Five today... I'm really good at sitting on things in my cart and debating if I want them or not. Thought I could share the goodies now and have you guys help me decide what to get/not to get! Ready? Go!
Ruffle off the shoulder top in Red / Midi Dress (in mint) / Rose Gold Mirror Sunglasses / American Flag Bikini Top / Matching Bottom (DUH) / Gingham Cold Shoulder top (idk about this one!) / Satin Bow Hair Tie / Tory Burch Cat Eye Sunglasses / Stripe Dress (under $50)

Weekend Plans: Tonight we're going to dinner to celebrate but this weekend is probably a wash out :/ I can't tell you the last time I actually saw the sun... It's been gloomy and rainy for over a week and it's supposed to continue into the weekend. 
Favorite Blogs: Fran looks SO CUTE in this dress!! I was eyeing it when it first came out, now I probably need to get it... thanks girly!!

Recent Purchases: I just got the cutest jeans ever from AG (they can do no wrong) and I can't wait to wear them this weekend! I also bought this DVF lace dress that I'm going to sport as my b-day dress. It's so flattering (as always) and it's perfect for summer!
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