Friday Five May 13

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What a fun week! I would look back and think 'that was the week Krista got her grove back' but without ever losing it in the first place. I think last week I was just so so stressed out -- but I had a good dinner with friends Tuesday night that really propelled me through the week and made it a great one! See what else I'm loving from this week below!
ONE / Banana Leaf Dress
You might have seen this on twitter, but I found the dress of my dreams (at the moment) -- SO cute but SO UNGODLY EXPENSIVE. Is it made of gold? Does it feel like kitten hugs? Is it secretly laced with butterfly kisses? I need to know.
TWO / Saint Laurent Blogger Bag
Someone PLEASE see the irony in this! This is either a really big wink or side eye from Saint Laurent. They've recently created a new bag called "blogger" and it's one of Saint Laurent's cheapest handbag. Either they're trying to make a statement and make this the next "it" bag or throw their middle finger in the air because of the irony. Thoughts?
THREE / Scaring Justin
This gave me the BIGGEST giggles the other day at work. Andrew is convinced it's fake but I love it too much to think otherwise!
FOUR / Shutz Shoes
I've been obsessing over everything they have been putting out lately. I really need this pair for summer and just bought these mules in brown. Seriously HOW CUTE!
FIVE / In My Cart
Lilly arrivals hit yesterday and you know ya girl is already all over that. I love this teal shift for a more formal affair, this brightly colored tunic dress because of it's colors and this caftan because it looks like the softest thing in the world. ALSO I'm debating on THESE shoes because they legit look exactly like the Valentino pair. I just don't know if I want to hop on that gravy train
Weekend Plans: Andrew and I are off for the weekend to Rhode Island for a quick weekend getaway! I don't know that I've ever been (unless I was just driving through). We're staying in Newport to let me know if you have any recommendations!
Favorite Blogs: I can't believe I have yet to mention Taylor from Little Blonde Book, but she is seriously my biggest girl crush. Like how does she always look SO pretty, have amazing style, run a blog AND have two kids under 2?? Teach me your ways Taylor!!
Recent Purchases: GINGHAM EVERYTHNIG!!! I just bought this skirt (on sale!) and these shoes from the crew and I'm over the moon obsessed. The skirt came in this week and I wore it to work yesterday and plan to wear it again this weekend. I need it in 20 different colors as well. K thanks!
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