Friday Five April 29

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Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week -- I'm still missing Exuma dearly and trying to get back into my normal routine. It's just not nearly as fun!! Excited to share some really fun things with you all below... 
ONE / Nivea Creme
So excited to have finally got this in from Germany! Sydney first suggested it to me when we were in Hilton Head -- she can pretty much sell me on anything. It's supposed to be just like some really really (really) expensive face creams. I'm excited to try it out and report back. Have you guys heard about this yet??
TWO / Shirtdresses
If I could only wear one category of thing for the rest of my life, it would be a dress (obviously) but I'm starting to think that it might get more specific into only shirtdresses. Color me obsessed!! I've starting racking up quite a few recently (THIS one being my most recent/favorite -- THIS will be my next one!!) and I feel the need to share the love.
I feel the burning desire to buy ALL of the white shirtdresses for summer and ride bikes, look cute and wear cool sunglasses. Who's with me?? THIS one has long sleeves which I think I'm kind of in to... THIS one is by my one of my favorites and has the cutest eyelet trim at the bottom, THIS one has all over eyelet AND is under $100! And then THIS and THIS are two to keep your eyes on -- they're so trendy!!
THREE / I'm Looking For Blog Help!
I've felt pretty overwhelmed this past week and kind of felt like I was falling behind! Running this blog on top of a full time job can be daunting. Especially when I want to come home from work and just veg out.
Anyway I'm just looking for very minimal part time work -- somewhere around 5 hours a week -- just helping me with random things here and there. Must be knowledgeable in photoshop (can make collages), social media strategy (specifically Twitter and Pinterest) and paid social marketing. 
If you're interested, (or know someone that would be) send me an email at coveringbasesblog@gmail.com with the title: "BLOG HELP" along with your resume. This job will be paid hourly (rate depending on experience) and can be remote. Email me with any questions!!
FOUR / The Best Summer Dress
Let me cordially introduce you the CUTEST summer dress OF ALL TIME. I saw it, I bought it, I need in on my body now. Seriously though... what more do you need!?
FIVE / H&M Goodies Under $35!
I stopped into H&M the other day to see what's new while I was waiting on a friend and I found some really cute things that were all so affordable! First off was this tassel beach bag. I love the simplicity of it and I feel like it's a really good size. For more tassels, I think these earrings are SO cute and are legit perfect for summer. Also picked up these large gold earrings and this 5 piece set of turquoise/gold rings. 
Weekend plans: I'm actually not sure what I'm up to this weekend! I *think* I might be meeting up with some friends for brunch one day or going to the Met... it all depends on the weather! Thankfully Andrew and I have a weekend off from shooting since we still have a lot of Exuma content to post!!
Favorite Blogs: Love love love this post from Grace! She looks SO cute in this yellow dress and this DIY pom pom heels post was amazing.
Recent Purchases: I picked up the cutest white tank from Anthro earlier this week. I seriously feel like Jackie O in it and I can't explain why. It's just a cotton tank! The model doesn't show it off well, but the flow and structure of the top are really the main selling points.
Also, didn't pick THIS up but it's currently sitting in my shopping bag right now... Do I need??
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