Friday Five April 15

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It has been a great great week guys! And it's only about to get better, are you excited!! Let's share below what made it a stellar five days...

ONE / Exuma!!
AH it's finally here!! I'm off to Exuma tomorrow and I am SO excited.  I first learned about Exuma from a friend last September and I've been wanting to go ever since. If you don't know, its an island in the Bahamas and is most famously known for their swimming pigs. Make sure to follow along this week on social (snap: kristalinn14 and IG: kristarobertso) to see the fun adventures!
TWO / Interview with Jillian from Ryhme and Reason
I did a really fun interview with my friend Jillian over at Rhyme and Reason. She asked the best questions so be sure to check it out if you want to know a little more about me:)
THREE / New Sunglasses
I know, I know. I don't need them BUT OH WELL I LIKE THEM. I first snagged these Kate Spade ones that I'm OBSESSED with. I want this style to be back in action. I also got these Illesteva ones that are so cute. And finally, an affordable white pair from Quay!
FOUR / Kobe the Conductor
I love good marketing campaigns. In reality, Kobe's last game marketed itself (and exceeded expectations). But this video from Nike is SO good. I don't care for Kobe one way or the other but this video still gave me chills. Bravo, Nike!
FIVE / Mermaid Bikini Top
I recently bought this bikini top and was SO EXCITED to get it in but it didn't fit well on my body without the straps and with the straps it made it look extra weird (the straps are so far on the side!) BUT I'm a magician and sewed the straps to the top and made it look like a bikini triangle top and I feel SO cool in it now. Crazy how something so minor can change everything!!

Weekend Plans: Andrew and I leave for Exuma early tomorrow morning! We'll be there through next week and we're SO excited. This is my early birthday trip with Andrew (I have another with my girl friends near the end of May). Pray for good weather!
Favorite Blogs: Um Grace always looks so amazing but I seriously LOVED this post. I mean the girl is after my own heart with that gingham blazer! 
Recent Purchases: I mean what haven't I bought recently. Getting ready for this trip means ALL the buying and it's kind of a problem. Good thing is I'll return most of it (the beauty of shopping online) and get my money back in 2-3 weeks haha. But I did snag this new Lilly dress, this really cute cactus flowy tank and new Shutz
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