Friday Five March 12

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What a week! Tuesday I was out SICK (like throw up in the bathroom at work sick) with a horrible 24 hour bug it was so crazy but snapped back for the next day and rest of the week. SO thankful. Then it was a quick few days and now I'm in Charlotte on my way to Hilton Head! Excited to recap a fun (but quick) week for you all below!
ONE / YouTube
If you're not subscribed already, I would lovveeee for you to follow along! I also love to hear feedback as to what you guys want to see more of on my channel. I make these videos for you guys so please send suggestions my way -- I've been in a total brain fart lately!
TWO / Gingham Dresses
I think I have a problem guys! What the heck!! Gingham dresses galore and I just can't stop buying them. I'm a click away from buying this Maggy London dress and this really cute Adrianna Papell one -- should I pull the trigger?
THREE / Michael Phelps + Under Armour
I've been a swimmer my whole life and my first memory of the Olympics was Michael Phelps' first Olympics. I was hooked ever since and have been one of the BIGGEST fans -- no matter what he does. With this being his last go around, Under Armour made a great commercial and it gives me chills every time I watch it. 
FOUR / Blogging Better Series
I hope you guys loved this weeks blogging better series post! The posts are actually really fun to write and hopefully you guys are learning new things from them. I would love to continue writing them but I feel like not everyone is receiving them as well (or as much) as I thought they would. Do you guys like them? Do you want them to continue? It's so hard to gauge interest on the internet :(
FIVE / Lilly Pulitzer
New arrivals... need I say more? I'll follow up tomorrow with an ah-mazing post on their (best ever) gift with purchases... I can't wait to show you! Wowowowo I even showed Caitlin and she said it was the best _____ she's ever seen. Be sure to check back tomorrow :)

Weekend Plans: I'm currently in Charlotte with Caitlin and we're on our way to Hilton Head for the weekend with Sydney, Sarah and Dandy! Girls weekend filled with sunshine, frost frog and wine -- be sure to follow along on SnapChat!

Favorite Blogs: Hi, have you met McKenna? She's made for spring weather and I want everything in her closet! Totally impressed by everything this girl is doing. Major insporation over here!

Recent Purchases: I'm off to Mexico next week and snagged these two off the shoulder dresses -- one that is a coverup under $55 and this one that has the best colors (perfect for any LSU gals out there). 
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