Friday Five February 5th

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Cheers to the weekend! I need to totally recharge and reenergize this weekend. That's my number one goal. LOTS of ups and down so I think unplugging and sleeping should help a lot. Here's to the five things that helped me get through this week:
ONE / Chateau Trench
With the weather being so warm lately I've felt a little silly walking around with my Canada Goose on. So I've switched it out for my new (gingham lined) trench and I've been loving it. This might be my favorite jacket from J. Crew! I am just in a constant struggle of whether I want the red or not. I'm saying no but every time I see it I just want it more!!
TWO / Chelsea Does... Netflix Series
This popped up on my Netflix earlier in the week and I've always been a big fan of Chelsea Handler so I decided to check it out. I literally had NO idea what I was getting into but I realized about halfway through the second episode that she made four mini documentaries about different topics. I thought they were so funny, spot on and semi-educational. If you have time, definitely check it out!
THREE / Pink Sunglasses
Not sure what started this sudden lust for light pink mirror sunglasses, but boy do I have the bug! I just got these in the mail and they're simply amazing. I also have these on the way. Quay has been a recent go to and I'm digging it.  
FOUR / Super Bowl Ads
Love Super Bowl ads as much as I do? AdWeek has an amazing roundup (constantly updated) with all the Super Bowl commercials that have already gone live. It's so fun to see what the best and the brightest companies and agencies come up with this time of year!
FIVE / Selling Clothes
I did a major apartment clean out and I've sold a ton of stuff over the past week but I'm still trying to get rid of more! Everything is up and listed on Instagram on @ctbcloset so if there is anything you see that you want, email me!!

Weekend Plans: Andrew and I have a date night tonight at Eataly! We haven't been in so long so we're pretty excited to go back again. Saturday should be spent filming all day. It's been quite a busy week and I haven't had any time (or drive) to film after work. So Saturday it is!

Favorite Blogs: I loved Emily's review on her top beauty hit's and misses. It's always really interesting to me to hear reviews from friends about beauty products! I also thought this video Amber posted was so cute and well done!

Recent Purchases: I sold a TON of stuff (and still selling more here -- @ctbcloset on IG) and I told myself since my purge was so great that if I hit a certain goal I could buy a little something special for myself. I hit the goal (yay!) and snagged a really good deal on this purse in royal blue/gold. I love it!!

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