Friday Five February 19

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Happy Fri-yay everyone! This week totally flew buy and it was a lot of me just playing catch up honestly. After been really sick last week I had to get my but back into the swing of things and buckle down. On the more exciting end of things I have booked some really exciting travel! Hilton Head in March, Mexico the weekend after and Nantucket in June! Eeee!!
Check out more of my week below!
ONE / Statement Earrings
I've been totally into really cool earrings lately (if you haven't noticed on the blog). I have these really cute pink tutu ones, these beaded blue ones, another blue tassel pair and now I want these amazon drops. Am I the only one on this kick?? 
TWO / People vs OJ Simpson
Have you guys been watching this show on FX? I've really gotten into it lately. It's pretty bad acting for the most part but I was too young to really understand what was happening during this. It's just interesting to go in depth during this time in America. I know the outcome so it's even more crazy to see it all unfold!
THREE / J. Crew New Arrivals
GAH! New arrivals are HERE and J. Crew has been killing it lately. I'm so glad they're back honestly.  My favorites are this gingham popover (I die), this stripe t-shirt dress and the bell-sleeve red dress
FOUR / Ryan Reynolds Interview
Found this on YouTube the other day and thought it was so funny! I love with actors do stuff like this -- it shows they're more human. Plus he's really really good looking so I'm all in ;)
FIVE / Blue Velvet Bed Bench
So I'm starting to finally finish redecorating my apartment and I think I'm going to pull the trigger on this velvet bench. But I need your opinions! What do we think of it? Every thing in my house is navy/white/brown so it should go fine and I think the rolled arms are to die for!
Weekend Plans: I really plan on just relaxing this weekend. I feel like I was always on this go this week and I think I need to catch up on some major sleep. Also the first weekend that I don't have any concrete plans so I'm pretty excited. 

Favorite Blogs: I've been TOTALLY obsessing over my friend Olivia's blog lately. She is like what my style strives to be (if I didn't work in a super casual office). Seriously has the best work style and cutest closet!

Recent Purchases: After getting everyone's opinion of these black flats on Twitter, I decided to finally get these shoes and they come in next week! I also am the queen of never just checking out with one thing so I also snagged these marble sunglasses :)

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