Friday Five January 8th

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We haven't done a Friday Five here is such a long time! Excited to be back in the swing of things. I've added some new parts below to this Friday Five that I hope to keep and mix up every week. Let me know if there is something in particular you guys want to see and I can make it happen! 
ONE // Nike Air Max Thea
I was shopping for some new workout gear (not because I'm starting to work out again but because I'm going on a hike in LA and I'm trying to look cute) and stumbled across these sneakers. OMG! Guys. I love them! I have this exact style in a camel leather and wear them all the time. So I'm pumped for these new ones!
TWO // Upright
I saw a friend post about this online and I was so intrigued! It's this little device that helps you with your posture. I for sure need this because I'm sitting at a computer desk all day and pretty much have the worst posture. This idea is so brilliant I can't wait to check it out. I will keep you guys updated when I do!

THREE // "Bad" TV Shows
Tis the season, am I right?? I love watching a horrible show and I don't care who knows it. Current top three? Vanderpump Rules, The Challenge and The Bachelor. I legit don't even think that these are bad shows. They're so GOOD! But I do think I'll start live tweeting The Bachelor this season so head on over to Twitter to follow along!
FOUR // Kate Spade Athletic
Kate Spade just dropped the CUTEST athletic line! It's everything you'd basically imagine a Kate Spade workout line would look like: bows, stripes, cute skirts and more bows! My favorite is this bow halter top! I'm also pretty sure I'd wear this zip up jacket all the time.
FIVE // Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals
Lilly has been killing it lately! I'm obsessing over their new arrivals right now. This swing dress is probably my favorite followed by this tunic (the print is the best!) and this coverup and skort come in close behind! I think I need to plan another warm weather vacation so I can sport these new looks, right??  
Weekend Plans: Saturday will be filled with taking photos for the blog, hanging out with Andrew, cleaning my apartment and ice skating! Sunday is all about brunch with some friends and hopefully starting "Making a Murderer" on Netflix!

Favorite Blogs: Totally obsessing over Kendall's white zip jacket and Grace's beautiful photos from her ski trip!

Recent Purchases: This really cute gingham umbrella, WARM headphone/earmuffs and this free people top!

Happy Weekend!


  1. The Bachelor is my fave! I am so glad that it finally started up again. I just started Making a Murderer, and the one thing that I've learned so far is that you MUST pay close attention. I've had to watch the first two episodes twice because I miss so much with even just a glance at my cell phone!!

  2. Hi -- first of all, I need that posture device. I was actually just looking at one that is elastic and tugs at your arms when you slouch {the company was on shark tank}, but the one you mentioned is a lot less noticeable, since it's under clothes.

    Also, thank you & so glad you loved those photos! Crested butte was magical. I also giggled a little bit that you called it a ski trip...since, well, I don't ski hahaha. Good times with that turtleneck.


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