Friday Five January 15

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Happy Friday guys! Excited for this weekend since I'm off to LA to visit my friend Sarah. Thank goodness for three day weekends, am I right?? I've been really busy this week which is so weird because it's been so slow at work. Does that happen to anyone else or am I just crazy?
ONE / Adele Carpool
Celebrity carpools are the best from The Late Late Show but I think that Adele's is far and away the best one yet! She is so amazing and all the hype you're hearing/seeing about this video is true!
TWO / Ugg Headphone Earmuffs
Okay I mentioned these in last week's post (saying I bought them) and they came in on Tuesday night. Guys... I LOVE them. Like I didn't know I could love earmuffs so much. They are actually the most perfect thing ever invited because my ears can stay warm while walking around the city AND I can listen to really good quality music.
Best part is is if you don't want to listen to music you can unplug the jack from the earmuffs and just wear them regularly around town. It's brilliant. They also have a microphone on them so you can talk on the phone as well. These basically just saved me for winter. 
THREE / Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals
I've been living for the new Lilly arrivals... they're just so so cute! Plus if you're all about a better/healthier year then these are for you! Lilly is making the cutest activewear if for nothing else than to motivate you to pull off this top & skirt set (which I totally want btw).

FOUR / Marian Hill
Her song "Got It" came onto my spotify yesterday and I was instantly hooked. Then I listened to her album and added them all to my playlist. So different but really really good. She's going to be big!
FIVE / The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Jen told me about this book a couple weeks ago after she showed a snippet of the idea on her snapchat. I was so intrigued I wanted to learn more and so I decided to start reading the book! It's been great so far and seriously I've had so many people tell me how much it has changed their lives. 
If you watched my 2016 Changes video you know that one of my goals is to have less and this book inspired that change! Now just have to read it and apply it to my life! Who's in?? 
Weekend Plans: I'm of to LA for the long weekend and will be back Tuesday. I'm going to visit my bestie Sarah and have a long overdue girls weekend just the two of us! Yay! 
Favorite Blogs: Lauren just re-designed her site and it looks AMAZING! It's been a long time in the works but seriously was worth the wait! Sydney's style is always on point but she was the CUTEST in this winter white look. 
Recent Purchases: A lot of workout clothes this week-- go figure! I've been wearing this sports bra non stop for the past week, I got this long sleeve shirt (with the coolest back) to wear over it, these mesh leggings, and a pair of high wasited leggings. Who wants to work out with me??
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