Friday Five December 4th

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First week of December in the BOOKS! How crazy is that? It's even more crazy that it has yet to really get cold in New York. But of course that hasn't stopped me from wearing the heck out of my Canada Goose jacket. It's just so comfortable! 
I think I'm going to do a video about it this weekend, do you guys have any questions for me about the brand or jacket? If so, let me know below. Now let's get down to my (long overdue) Friday Five!
ONE / Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals
Oh man the Lilly new arrivals are amazing! I have two beach vacations coming up this month and I'm already trying to plan out what to wear. I die for this Oh Shello print (especially this dress)  and this kimono and this cadence dress for the beach! For work, I'm really loving this navy stripe dress too. How much is too much?
OK, just try and watch this without tearing up. It's such an interesting ad and I really can't say much without giving it away so just watch it!
THREE / Feather Tops
I'm really loving feather tops lately! I bought this one the other week and the sister top in black to it on Cyber Monday. I've had my eye on this Tibi top for so long but it was so $$$ so when I saw these tops I couldn't not get them. 
Shop more feather tops here:

FOUR / Oh, Hello
Andrew and I had a very "New York" moment on Tuesday. We booked last minute tickets to "Oh, Hello" after seeing a tweet online (we're huge John Mulaney fans). The theatre was tucked in the middle of the West Village and it held about 100 people inside. We snagged the last two tickets to the show (the whole show sold out within the first day) in the front row and had the best night. 
We couldn't stop laughing and my cheeks seriously hurt after the show. I loved seeing John Mulaney and Nick Kroll close and personal and very real. Sometimes you just have to say yes to things! Amazing things will happen when you do. 
FIVE / Holiday Gift Guide
Will you guys ever get tired of me sharing it? (I hope not) I've just had so many requests for gift guides on the blog that are already in the gift guide magazine here. Be sure to check out all the pages. There is so much fun content in there!
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