Friday Five October 9th

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Is it me or did this week just fly by? The weather is officially cool daily here so I think it's safe to say we're in fall territory. Now if the leaves would just start to change colors in the city and stay like that till spring, that would be great. Anyone else hoping winter is a quick one?
Let's recap my week!
ONE // Katie Nolan
I know I've talked about her on here before but I just think she is the coolest person (and I also think we would be besties so... call me) BUT I've been following her for over a year now and am always impressed with how she reports, writes and creates her content-- it's inspiring! And if you don't follow her already, make sure to do so.
I'm not sure how closely anyone here follows things going on with the NFL, but there's just been so much controversy with domestic violence (and a slew of other bullshit) that it's getting old. Old in the sense that all of this is happening and no one is trying to fix it. So Katie Nolan scrapped her original skit to film this video below and it is awesome. She is awesome. Her crew is awesome.

TWO // Lowland Boots
I think I'm going to cave! I own a pair of Stuart Weitzman Lowland OTK boots (seen here and here previously) and I really do love them. I think they make my leg look fine as hell and they are really truly comfortable to walk around the city in. I was debating last year getting the highland boot (aka lowland with a heel) but thankfully I decided against it. 
But now I want another pair. The problem? They are $o expen$ive! But they came out with a new color this year and I think I might need to start saving up... check out the amaretto suede color and tell me you wouldn't want them either. What are your thoughts??
THREE // Apple Watch
I've never been the biggest fan of the Apple Watch but I think my mind has been changed. I was grabbing lunch and saw this beautiful woman that was so so well dressed I was in awe. What I really loved was her watch and on closer investigation it was an Apple Watch! Who knew.
So I struck up a conversation and on top of being really beautiful and well dressed, she was so very nice! She told me her watch was the Herm├Ęs Apple watch and told me how much she loved it. She even let me try it on (she was like really nice) and I shouldn't have but I did. And now I want it. And that's my story. ARE YOU LISTENING SANTA??
FOUR // Nexxus
I'm in need of some new shampoo. I get so bored of my shampoo so easily and I've really never loved any of them so much to buy it again. So we're back to where I am every couple months: what shampoo to buy? What haven't I tried? 
Thankfully it was great timing because Nexxus sent me their Therappe & Humectress line to try out and it's only been a couple of days but it's been pretty great! I like the way it lathers on my hair in the shower (the kind of lather where you can do funky hair do's and they stay) and it has been so smooth. I'm excited to keep trying it out more but I shall report back with more details. Have you guys ever tried Nexxus?
This part of the post is sponsored by Nexxus! Working with brands I love to bring you guys more content that rocks my world!

FIVE // Appalachian Pullover
The other day I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this photo and within the hour made sure this pullover was mine. It just looked so comfortable I couldn't pass it up! But then I got it in and I was like whaaa!? IT IS SO SOFT! Like the softest thing I've ever owned. It has been on my body every day this week at home. Excited to spend quality time with it over the weekend hahah.
Five products I got this week:
Plaid Skirt (currently 40% off)
New Desk
Camel Suede Dress 
Gingham Sheets (major heart eye emoji)
Party Skirt... Hello!
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