Friday Five October 30

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Happy end of October! WHERE did this month go? If you could find it and let me know, that would be great. But with it now being November that means technically we can start getting into the holiday season. Hehehe
I'm ALL in this year. Celebrating and planning early -- let's do this! But don't worry, I'm not one of those people who just looks past Thanksgiving, oh no no. A major food holiday? Yes please!

ONE / Ultimate Barbour Guide
Can we just talk for a second at how well this is made via Tuckernuck?? They seriously answered every question you may have about Barbour and it. is. awesome. Right down to what to wear it with and if the cuff is lined in plaid. They left nothing out.
I personally own the navy beadnell (last seen here), olive and black utility, green quilted cavalry, yellow trevose and a red vintage beadnell. Whew! That all? So really with all those jackets I could probably do my own Barbour Guide haha.
TWO / Repeat Offender 
This outfit is completely back in stock for the season and it's all about 50% off. This red blouse is on sale here for $41 and this gold elephant skirt is on sale for $55!
THREE / Bad Lip Reading: Democrat Debate
I found this online yesterday and I was cracking up! This channel does a lot of bad lip reading but none that are ever as amazing as this one. Oh Bernie Sanders is a great person to do this with too. My #1 all time favorite? The NFL.
*and this now ends my talking about politics ever again*
FOUR / Tacky Christmas Sweaters
I was shopping around this week for fun sweaters and happened to stumble across this tacky sweater and just laughed! How fun is that?? I always love ugly Christmas sweater parties so if you're having one send an invite my way!
FIVE / Bloguettes Interview
Did a fun interview over on Bloguettes. Feel free to check it out to learn a little more about me :) 

5 Products of my Week:
Quilted Leather Booties
Polka Dot Love
The "It" Poncho of the Season
Cute bikini top (and bottom)
Mini LL Bean Boot Key Chain
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