Friday Five October 23

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Not going to lie... this week did not fly by quickly at all. Had a lot of ups and quite a bit of downs but if nothing else it just reminds me to tell those around me how much I love them and to call my parents more! They seem to make everything so much better (always). How did they become such great people?!

Krista Robertson, Covering the Bases, Travel Blog, NYC Blog, NYC, Preppy Blog, Fashion Blog, Travel, Fashion Blogger, Preppy Style, Tory Burch Mega Sale

ONE / Canon Project Imagination
I had the chance to go to this amazing event last night with Canon. They put on a ongoing initiative called Project Imagination and it's basically a campaign that celebrates user-generated content and provides the opportunity for it to inspire something bigger. They asked people to submit their best trailers (over 1,300 people did!) using Canon’s custom ‘Trailer Editor Tool' to turn their everyday footage into something more!
What's cool is that for the first time ever, a movie trailer created by a contest participant inspired a Hollywood short film- proving that anything in life can be a movie, and every movie starts with a trailer. The short filmed starred Josh Hutchinson and Jenna Malone and you can check everything out here
It was so cool being there last night and after they had an amazing party in the penthouse sweet at the Standard. The views-- amazing; the food? even better ;)

So a big thanks to Canon and Her Campus Media for partnering on this part of the post and inviting me to such a wonderful event!
TWO / Newsletter
Guys! My weekly newsletter is up and running! Woo. You can check it out here (and also sign up). But don't worry, I'm not trying to spam your inboxes. Basically I will be sending out exclusive Covering the Bases content that is only available to subscribers three times a week: Tuesday for a "Blogging Better" series (this week was about Instagram), Thursday for a fun Q&A and finally on Sunday for a weekly recap and a sneak peek into my week!
Sounds interesting? Be sure to sign up now!

THREE / Hamilton
This one is a bit random but I was listening to my "discover weekly" playlist on Spotify and came across this song called "Alexander Hamilton" and not knowing what it was, I really liked it so I started listening a little more. Then I realized it was a rap musical about Alexander Hamilton. What?
So I started researching it more and I found out that it is this huge up and coming Broadway play. I'm not really one for Broadway plays but I think I'm going to need to make an exception for this one... that is if I ever can get a ticket!
FOUR / Tory Burch Mega Sale
One of my favorite times of the year is the Tory Burch sale. Her pieces rarely ever go on sale this much and it's always the best time to snag the highly coveted reva flats or a new staple purse for fall!
FIVE / Holiday Cheer!
Would you hate me if started getting into holiday mode already?! I'm just SO excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas I can't contain it! It's the most joy filled time of year and I was to sing loud for all to hear!
You may see a fun little addition to the navigation menu bar at the top.... a holiday tab (!!!) Here is all of the fun content from the past years on the blog to get you in the spirit of the holidays :)
Song of my week: Justin Beiber - Sorry
Five Products I want to buy right now:
This b-e-a-utiful plaid dress
Beige Turtleneck Sweater
Cutest Plaid Skirt
Long searched for v-neck red sweater
A DEER EYE MASK. Just add santa and you have yourself a party!
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