Friday Five October 16

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This has been such a fun week! With postseason baseball going on, my world has totally been revolving around that and I have just remembered how amazing the whole time is! I've been extra busy, but have been enjoying the whole process.

Excited to share some awesome new things with you all this week like blog updates, videos that make me cry, my perfect bracket and a must-have app! 

ONE / Blog Updates
Since the blog facelift, I've been adding in content here and there and it's finally starting to come together! And with that, I wanted to update you all on some new things! First off, my Start Here page. This is for first-timers on the blog or people who just want to get the lay of the land. It tells you all about the content here on the blog, how to find it and a little more about who I am.
After that, I finally have a newsletter up and running!! So excited to bring you new content from the blog. You can sign up for it here or under the Subscribe tab up top. I will be happy to send out daily content of what is on the blog, but only if requested!
The main idea behind the newsletter is to bring you exclusive content each week (just three times a week) with special Q & A's, new series (like how to Blog Better) and weekly roundups so you never miss a beat! I would love if you were to sign up!
TWO / MLB Clubhouse App
Really exciting news! My department (at MLB.com) created a social app! If I've texted you in the last two weeks, you know how obsessed I've been with it too. Basically what it is is an app with baseball emojis (specific to each team) and a GIF keyboard. 
The GIF keyboard is probably the best because I really just send GIFs in place of words for how I'm feeling. It's so much fun and they really have a GIF for every emotion! What I think is so great about the app is that it's not just for the die hard baseball fans, but for the casual one too. You don't have to like baseball to love this app, you just have to like fun!

THREE / Barbie Commercial
There are very few times when the ad before a YouTube video makes me not want to skip it but this one did! It's two minutes long and by the end it seriously had me in tears. I thought it was so true (coming from a girl who LOVED Barbie) and just the messaging behind it gave me ALL the feels. 
FOUR / Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals
Have you checked them out?! They're the BEST! I love them because they embody the Lilly lifestyle but are appropriate to wear when it gets a little colder. I have my eyes on this striped dress, the cutest cashmere wrap, a staple navy silk top for work and this navy (or pink) tank perfect for layering!
Krista Robertson, Covering the Bases, Travel Blog, NYC Blog, New York & Company, Preppy Blog, Fashion Blog, Travel, Fashion Blogger, Preppy, MLB
(via @MLB)
FIVE / Blue October
This is where my baseball love comes into play! Do you know the #postseason is upon us?! We are in the midst of it and it could seriously not be going any better. Every team I have wanted to advance each round has done so and it is SO exciting.
Even more fun is all the team's primary colors are blue (Cubs, Mets, Royals and Blue Jays). But also what is really exciting is that none of these teams have won a World Series in a LONG time (the Cubs being the longest). So to know that it will be someone new this year is AWESOME for baseball and even more awesome for the fans.
I'm a little sad that the Cubs and Mets have to play each other to advance but that just means I'll be happy with whoever wins. I'm also pumped the Mets are in it because it means: 1. happy boyfriend and 2. postseason baseball in NYC (aka I get to go to some games). Can I get a what what??
5 Things I Need This Week:
Makeup brush cleaner
Corduroy skirt
Cable knit boot socks
Colorblock wool poncho
Canada Goose Parka
Song of my week: Hands to Myself by Selena Gomez. She is KILLING the game lately! 
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