Friday Five September 3

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Instagram layouts, San Francisco, Google/YouTube and a movie being puppeted by people who are corrupt. What more could you want in a Friday Five?!

Did I mention that I'm selling my camera too?

ONE / San Francisco
I'm starting to recap my trip on the blog! If you missed any posts be sure to check out this tag here OR you can check the up to date photos on my Instagram under the hashtag #CTBTravels!

Speaking of Instagram, how are we liking the new layout options? Is there one you prefer more than the other? I'm obviously partial to the vertical one because now I can fit my whole body in there!

TWO / Concussion 
The trailer for Will Smith's new movie Concussion came out and it's a big ol' blow to the NFL. Well, I  thought it was at least. If you want to talk about corrupt organizations, let me introduce you to the people who are ruling the world and are a PR nightmare.

I was so intrigued by the trailer and what it could mean for football going forward that I started to read up on the doctor the movie is based on and the whole story behind how CTE came to be. I watched this awesome Frontline interview and it was just so eye opening.

I was so happy someone was bringing this to a national stage for attention since the NFL has tried to suppress it for so many years. I was also really happy Sony made it since they have no direct ties to the league. BUT as more and more articles come out about the movie, it seems like the NFL is having some major say into what scenes it depicts and how intense the overall message is. You can read the same articles from the NY Times and Mashable here.

I'll be very interested to read more and see the movie when it comes out!

THREE / I'm selling my camera (and a bunch of lenses)
I recently just bought a new camera and now it's time for me to sell my old one. This is the one that I've been using for over a year so you know the quality is still good! It's used but in perfect condition.

It's a Canon 60D and I've always shot with a Sigma 35mm 1.4 f lens (it acts like a 50mm since the camera has a crop). I also have a Canon 50mm 1.4 lens, Canon 75-300mm and a Cannon 18-55mm.

If you're looking to buy a new camera, email me at coveringbasesblog@gmail.com for pricing. I will sell the whole bundle at a discount but you can buy everything separately.

FOUR / YouTube
Since I'm starting to blog more on YouTube (new video every Thursday) I've been really into watching videos on there. From blog/vlog to shows to music, anything! Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?

Also, how are you liking my channel? Do you have videos you like/don't like? What do you want to see more of? I love hearing readers feedback so let me know down below!!

FIVE / Google
Unless you live under a rock (or just don't read any news), Google changed it's logo. While others are very openly opposed to it, I think it's kind of fun. I mean either way it really doesn't affect my life, ya know? 

But one super cool thing to come out of it was this killer video that they made. I'm obsessed with videos like these. Watch for yourself here!

5 Links I'm loving:

Song of my week: What Do You Mean?
You can't even judge me because you love it too. You can keep up with my favorite music on spotify here!
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