Friday Five September 25

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This week went by so quickly and now all of the sudden it's the end of September! It's starting to get cooler which I love but darker earlier in the day which I hate. So i'm unsure of how to react....

I've rounded up my five favorite things this week... what were your highlights? 

ONE / J. McLaughlin
On Wednesday Julia from Lemon Stripes hosted a super fun bloggers event with J. McLaughlin in CT. It was so fun hanging out with everyone and shopping the store! I snagged this skirt (IT'S AMAZING), this navy and maroon wrap and this cashmere poncho.

I need to go back for this skirt in black, this scuba material dress and this scarf!

TWO / BAG OF MY DREAMS *heart eye emoji*
I would sob tears of joy if I owned this purse.

THREE / Dupe OTK Stuart Weitzman Boots
I mean how can you say no to these? They come in three different colors are look exactly like the SW boots that everyone loves. I'm eager to try them out.

FOUR / Bra Advice/Help
I need a good bra and I need your recommendations! I don't like VS so get outta here with that nonsense. I need a good full coverage, no padding, comfortable and supportive bra. Help a sista out! What are your favorites?

FIVE / The Splat
HAVE YOU HEARD?!?! Omg rejoice my 90's friends! All our favorite Nickelodeon has finally announced that it will bring back a our favorite cartoons. Read all about it here then scream with excitement because our dreams are coming true!

Song of my week: How I Want Ya
You can keep up with my favorite music on spotify here!


  1. so pumped about 90s nick!!

    xoxo, Preeti

  2. Try Aerie for bras!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  3. I used to love the body by victoria TBH not the worst, but I just tried maidenform at sears and I loved it!

  4. I'm excited about the Nickelodeon announcement! I've heard really good things about Soma bras but haven't gotten around to trying them yet!

  5. Have you tried Target's Gilligan & O'Malley, they are really nice!

  6. My FAVORITE bras are either Calvin Klein or Chantelle. They both have great options for tee shirt bras that are still sexy on the sides. I just snagged some from the Nordy's sale last month!

  7. From someone who is a nut about getting a well fitting bra, try going to Intimacy! They fit based on actual fit, not measurements and they have a great selection. I swear by them. It's so worth the investment.
    Nordstrom also typically has some great fitters.

  8. Girrrrlllll Sounds tacky but hit up a JCPENNEY or Nordstrom I swear by their bras!! Much luck this is from someone who is a 32DDD :/ Happy Friday :)
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  9. I like Wacoal and you can get them at Dillard's. You can also try out a local specialty bra store, the ladies at mine are usually good at fitting me for something.

  10. Get fitted at Nordstrom for a bra!!! I promise, it's the BEST.

  11. I LOVE 90s Nick!

    Her Heartland Soul

  12. Warners, Your Bra Underwire (1536)

  13. Wacoal, Chantelle, Maidenform, Soma has some really good bras!!

  14. Wacoal bras are the best! La Femme are my favorite style.

  15. I live by Calvin Klien bras, they last forever and do not have a mound of padding like VS bras. Macy's has a good selection. Bonus is they are not very expensive.

  16. I have big boobs and I have no idea what size your boobs are BUT the best bra in the WORLD (I have done a LOT of trial and error) is the Chantelle Rive Gauche Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra (make sure you search for ALL of those words, there are several variations of the Rive Gauche). It has slight padding, but only enough to give you a tiny bit of help with shape and so that your nips don't show when it's cold - not so much that you feel like you're wearing a cake mold. They're on sale right now at barenecessities.com which like never ever happens so I'm stocking up. You're welcome.

  17. Calvin Klein bras are by far the best, I've gotten mine at Marshall's for about $15 a piece and they last forever.


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