Friday Five July 30th

Free waffles, spa-less facials, Netflix for sunglasses AND a great song of the week? *the crowd goes wild*

Keep reading below for the five best things of the week you need to know about.

ONE / Google Photos
Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the Google Photo food truck that was serving Waffles and Dinges! You literally paid for the food by playing a game. You had 20 seconds to find an item of their choice on your phone.

I got "mountain" so I just started scrolling. The whole thought behind this was that our photo albums on the phone are a mess and super unorganized. But with Google Photo you can find everything you want in a better way. I didn't manage to find a photo in time, but I was awarded a free waffle for the hard work.

They have this algorithm where you can literally search "concert" or "beach" and all photos with those things would immediately pop up. The whole idea is pretty cool and I've been using it for the past week-- it's so much easier to sift through my content!

*this part of the post was in partnership with and sponsored by Google Photos. But I legit would have done this anyway.. FREE WAFFLES!

TWO / Heyday
I was introduced to HeyDay from a friend last week and I just had my first facial there last night. It was SO fun! Think of it as DryBar but for facials. They explain it as taking the facial out of the spa.

You have the choice of a 30-minute or 50-minute facial and last night I chose the 30-minute but I ... 1. fell in love with my girl, Alexa and 2. Am already trying to book a 50-minute one to get rid of my blackheads.

Believe it or not I've actually only had one facial before in my life. It was the day before I left for college as a going away present and I hated it. They were way too rough on my skin and I left having more irritated skin than ever before. I'm (obviously) fair skinned and I also have supper sensitive skin so after that experience I have always stayed far, far away from facials.

But this one was great! I don't have a single bad thing to say about it and seriously my skin has never felt better!

THREE / Nordstrom Sale
Guys, have you heard?! The #NSale is here! Hahah if I don't see another post about the sale, I'd be happy. I recently just picked up some fun items though but you will NOT be seeing me in them until it gets cold.

People wearing sweaters in this heat need to GTFO and is a very long rant for another day. ANYWAY here are some things that I picked up over the past week:
Red Plaid Poncho / Colorblock Poncho / Grey TurtleneckBurberry Sweater / Suede Mini Skirt / OTK Boot

You can check out my full post here!

FOUR / Ditto
Want to RENT designer sunglasses like Prada, Ray-Ban, Karen Walker, Illesteva and MORE? (Answer: yes) Well let me introduce you to Ditto. The Netflix of sunglasses. It's basically the coolest thing ever and I'm obsessed because I always find myself falling in love with one pair for like a month and then moving on.

With Ditto, it's not bad to do that! I rent and then return! HOW COOL! I want literally everyone to try it out and because I love you, I want to give you a month free. Use COVERINGBASES at and ta-daaa your first month is on me! This way you can honestly check it out to see if it's something you like without committing your whole life to it.

You'll thank me, I promise!

FIVE / YouTube
Guys, I'm trying to get back into it. I just posted a video yesterday (about sunglasses ... go figure). And I have two more that need to be edited. What type of videos do you want to see? I need some major #inspiration and #halp.

YouTubing if difficult peeps, for reals.


5 Products I'm Loving:
Red Plaid Capulet
Grey Slip on everyday sneaks
#Merica (kind of) Clare V. Clutch
Meli Melo Thela Pink Bag (saving up for this!)
Perfect Leather Jacket or Perfect Leather Jacket? 

5 Blog Posts of the week:
Color Me Courtney's Apartment Tour - when can I move in??
Brighton The Day's Drawstring Tee Dress - the girl can rock everything she wears
A Southern Drawl's Wide Leg Pants - Graces looks BEAUTIFUL here!
Rhyme and Reason's Off the Shoulder Top - gimme does hydrangeas
Franish's Snip Snip! - love the cut (and the shoes ;) )

Listen to this and just try not to dance along! You can keep up with my favorite music on spotify here!

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