Tropical Halter Print Dress

Tropical Halter Print Dress
Tropical Halter Dress (only $68) / Hat: Brixton (just $48)
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmaster 

Sharing another fun look from my trip to Nantucket (full recap here). I was finally able to break out this pom pom dress that ended up working perfectly as an everyday dress and coverup. 

I really loved it paired with the green Ray-Bans for a little extra pop! I wasn't sure if I originally was going to like these sunglasses because of the face shape but they turned out to actually be great.

Also, pro tip about your hair at the beach: bring a hat. Your hair can get as salty and tangled as it wants and you throw on a hat and BAM! you look amazing. Doesn't hurt that it also protects your face from the sun!!

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