Nautical Stripes And White Linen Pants

Stripes on a boat? Groundbreaking. I was channeling my inner French sailor when we shot this look in Nantucket. Did you know that the reason they wore stripes is so that when they fell over they were easier to spot in the water? 

While I'm not trying to fall into the water for these (although it came close-- note to self: no wedges on a boat), I am trying to stand out. I love stripes as much as the next girl but I've been trying for so long to find the right RED and white stripe top.

J. Crew probably has the best options right now... although there is a Saint James store in the West Village that would be sure to fit my needs...

Thankfully I found one and I swear there is nothing better than pairing stripes with white bottoms. White jean shorts (like here), white pants, skirts-- anything! Today I obviously paired it with my new linen pants.

So these are actually my first pair of linen pants and I think that I like them. I mean, I know I do when I have them on because they're SO comfortable but when they're pictured.. eh.

They're obviously meant to be wide leg and I think that's where I get my problem from. When have you ever known me to wear wide leg anything!? I guess it's just takes some getting used to.

What do we think? Linen pants yay or nay? 



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