T-Bags Los Angeles Pom Pom Dress

Pom Pom Dress
Off the shoulder pink pom tassel dress
T-Bags Los Angeles Tulum Dress

I'm back! Can I get a woot woot?! MAN, was Nantucket SO fun. I can't wait for tomorrow's Travel Tuesday and I can't wait to share some amazing photos with you all.

Today we're starting out with the perfect summer dress. Wear it as a cover up, wear it as a casual dress or wear it out on the town. No matter which way you wear it, it looks amazing. 

What I really love about it is that it has a built-in top shelf (I clearly don't know how to explain it). But it has an extra layer for the chest that has an elastic band at the bottom. It made the dress more modest than a normal off the shoulder dress. 

I'm starting to really be over the whole off-the-shoulder look because it's becoming a tad bit overdone in the blogger community, but I couldn't resist when I saw this dress. Oops!

Anyway, I wore this dress Saturday in Nantucket from the beach to the brewery (more on that tomorrow) and it went perfectly with my shoes and new headband. #AllOfTheColors

I know this is a different look than normal but stay with me here. I wanted to try something new and this turban was it! I actually really love the look of it and it made it so easy to transition my salty hair into a normal look. It's a savior for summer beach hair.


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