3D Ice Cream Dress

3D Ice Cream Dress (only a few sizes back in stock!! HURRY!)  / Oliver People Sunglasses

I've been waiting to post this outfit for a while now because when I posted about it on Instagram (here) it sold out. Ugh!

But there are a few that are coming back in stock so hurry and order now! They keep getting a few at a time and I seriously check every single day. I never want to post something on here that isn't available to you.

Anyway, here we are. I posted it! Woo-hoo. And this dress is so, so amazing. It's actually 3D and has two layers of print. It's the coolest thing.

We ventured over to Brooklyn to shoot these photos and I love how they turned out. So much so, I rewarded myself with a lobster roll and ice cream after haha.

I'm off to Nantucket today so be sure to follow along @ kristalinn14 on snapchat and @ kristarobertso on instagram!


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