Friday Five June 25th

As you know, I've been asking for my readers to fill out a quick (literally 3 minute survey-- 10 questions) survey about the blog. My favorite part is your feedback on what you'd like to see more of. 

I surprisingly got a lot of requests for a week recap and things like that soooo today I want to introduce the first Friday Five! See, I'm listening and learning. Here. We. Go!

ONE // Jack Rogers Giveaway
I'm giving away a pair of exclusive Jack Rogers on my instagram (@kristarobertso) and it ends at midnight!! Check the link here to enter and win :)

TWO // Inside Out:
Andrew and I went to see the movie Inside Out on Wednesday and IT WAS SO GOOD. This might be one of my favorite Pixar movies ever (yes, ever). I know that sounds crazy because they make so many amazing movies, but man oh man this movie had me feeling every sort of emotion.

What really got me though was the short before the film called Lava. You know I cry all the time (read more about that here) but during this short I didn't just cry, I SOBBED. It was so so so so so heart warming, sad, happy... everything #AllTheFeels 

I mean this is a 5 minute short and I'm sobbing in the movie theatre hahah. Andrew looks over and me laughing and says, "It's a marathon... the movie hasn't even started." I just laughed. I felt whole. I LAVA ALL OF YOU!

THREE // The Survey
Like I mentioned above and yesterday, I'm having readers of the blog fill out a quick survey. The feedback I'm getting is seriously the best thing ever. YOU ALL are the best thing ever! I'm so eager to read the answers to questions 7-9 everyday I can't contain it!

I'm hearing lots of feed back about more travel content, videos, home decor and work looks. I love that you all love my snapchat (@ kristalinn14) and I love that you're all such wonderful supporters!

I've also taken note that you don't love the layout of the blog (I know, it's super outdated) and the speed of which it loads. GOOD NEWS it is being fixed and we're about a month into the design process so I hope to share something with you all soon!!!

Okay so it's not news to anyone that I lava (hehe) sunglasses. But I've had the hardest time finding a way to organize and store them all. I've seriously tried everything and I think I finally found something that works!

This one holds three in each drawer and I have three of these boxes total. Seriously my savior! And the best part is that they're only $20!! So thats a win-win. For realz

FIVE // Katie Nolan
If I had a drunk spirit animal, it would be Katie. We love sports, talking shit, being awkward and are always snarky. Serious girl crush right here! I've been following her for a while on youtube and now she has her own show on Fox Sports1 which is amazing. We live in the city so we're bound to run into each other some day right?



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