Sail to Sable Buttoned Up At Bradley

Sail to Sable Buttoned Up At Bradley
Sail to Sable Buttoned Up At Bradley

It was such a nice weekend in New York! I was shocked and amazed (that line's for you, Mom). Despite it being supppperrrr windy, it was actually warm and there were blue skies all weekend long. 

I'm thankful because I was finally able to wear this new Sail to Sable top! I've been holding on to this guy for a while now just waiting for the sun to peek it's pretty little head out and say hello. I mean, it's just begging for me to take it on a spin in the city.

Side note, will I ever stop wearing navy and white? Probably not. It's by far my favorite color combo (I mean, just look at my shoes) and it goes so well with red lips. 

I also just got my new sunglasses this weekend (which you already know if you follow me on Snapchat @ kristalinn14). Yay for more mirrored frames!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and ate lots of candy. This week kicks off Opening Week for me so I'm pretty pumped. Enjoy some nice weather and baseball today guys!


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