Blogger Bloopers Part 2

Blogger bloopers ... because when you're up at 1AM without a blog post because you've been watching baseball and basketball all day, that's what you do. WHY THE F NOT. Have fun...

Mid lip-licking action

 The confusion is real

Can't tell you how angry I get at wind when I shoot photos...

Over it.

Finding out the dress has pockets:

Telling people to go around (and looking like an idiot, obviously)

Telling someone to do something probably...

I have no idea whats going on here...

The awkward hand strikes again!

 Crying from the cold/wind


Making sure my teeth are lipstick free
Full look here (on a different day) / Top here

There are EVEN MORE! 

Some that were just too bad to show AND some outfits that aren't on the blog yet. Add me on snapchat @kristalinn14 to see the extras!


  1. I'm definitely stealing the blooper idea for when I'm feeling like a lazy blogger, it's hilarious and I have soooo many haha

  2. So funny!! jodie
    ps...I almost think our "real" personality shows through if we have enough pics....I'm always talking in mine!

  3. These are hilarious, good to know I am not the only to end up with seriously weird pictures haha. I think I should keep some of mine for a future post or just a laugh :)

  4. These are too funny! Loved seeing that I'm not the only one to make weird faces. Some of the faces I made while going through the photos after are scary! Haha!

  5. Reason 102 why I love you and your blog! This is amazing!!! I don't know what's better...the pictures or your sense of sarcasm!!


  6. This was great!!


  7. Aand this is why you're one of my favorite bloggers. I love that you're so down to earth and can simultaneously have amazing outfit shots and fun bloopers like this!

    Lauren | boston belle


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