Blogger Bloopers Part 2

Blogger bloopers ... because when you're up at 1AM without a blog post because you've been watching baseball and basketball all day, that's what you do. WHY THE F NOT. Have fun...

Mid lip-licking action

 The confusion is real

Can't tell you how angry I get at wind when I shoot photos...

Over it.

Finding out the dress has pockets:

Telling people to go around (and looking like an idiot, obviously)

Telling someone to do something probably...

I have no idea whats going on here...

The awkward hand strikes again!

 Crying from the cold/wind


Making sure my teeth are lipstick free
Full look here (on a different day) / Top here

There are EVEN MORE! 

Some that were just too bad to show AND some outfits that aren't on the blog yet. Add me on snapchat @kristalinn14 to see the extras!

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