5 Tips for Hosting a Party in a Small Space

5 Tips for Hosting a Party in a Small Space
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I love to entertain people, especially around the holidays but my teeny tiny apartment doesn't quite work for most of my grand ideas. When I can, I love to have friends come over for some good bubbly and great laughs. The size of my apartment makes it more difficult than usual, but I've come up with some fun little ideas for hosting in a small space. Hope you enjoy!

1. Make serving portable.
I loveee to do this. Most of the time people serve their drinks on a bar cart and while I'd love to have one, my space won't allow it. So instead I put my things on a serving tray. It's the perfect accessory for some champagne flutescoasters and decorative (elephant) centerpieces. This way my guests won't crowd the kitchen or one spot in particular to get drinks. The drinks come to them! And it's also extra hostess points for bringing it around.

2. Turn everything into a place to sit.
In my apartment I have more seating space that I should, but it comes in handy when I have people over! I have the couch, the island and desk chairs and the ottomans at the end of the bed. For a studio, the ability to seat 10 is pretty impressive. One of the best things to have around are poufs; little decorative accents that also make great seats for your guest.  

3. Set the mood.
Might sound a little weird, but hear me out. Set the mood like those tiny NYC restaurants. Light some candles (I love these) and make the space feel intimate! A small space can be the perfect setting if you embrace it and don't bite off more than you can chew. Speaking of food…

4. Utilize flat surfaces.
Don't think of the kitchen as the only space to serve! Utilize your desk space, your side tables and your coffee table for snacks, decorations and drinks. Your guests will be happy no matter where they are in the apartment and they won't have to travel back and forth to get the things they want.

5. Have fun!
If you're having fun and enjoying yourself, your guests will do the same. They are there to celebrate friendship, toast to more years together and make unforgettable memories. 


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