What to Wear Christmas Tree Shopping

 Happy Friday to all! Today I'm showing a more basic look, one perfect for Christmas tree shopping. We all are aware that it's f-ing freezing out now and layers will be your saving grace to get through it all.  

Chunky sweaters, quilted vests and long coats will be your go-to. When you're picking out a tree you want to be comfortable, warm, and not afraid to get your hands dirty. Well, get your gloves dirty ;)

Jacket (similar) | Sweater | Vest | Jeans | Boots (similar) | Gloves | Earrings 

Most of the stuff today you've seen before on my Instagram or anywhere on the internet. I mean this vest has been around for a while now and I only really take it out for certain occasions. I try and mix up my content here on CTB and show you something you've never seen before put together on a blog. This outfit, of course, is not an example of that but it does the trick!

The best thing about my outfit in my opinion are my red leather gloves. I got them a couple weeks ago and literally have worn them every day since. They're cute and functional and that's all a girl can really ask for, right? Did I mention they have bows? Oh yeah, that's happening.


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