Weekend Reading 11/22

Recap of the week: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

1. We're going to see the Statue of Liberty (we're probably there as you're reading this) and I'm PUMPED. Be sure to follow along on Instagram to see my shots @kristarobertso

2. This is what I looked like last time I was at the Statue of Liberty…

3. Tuckernuck has given y'all 20% off with the code "BLOGLOVE20" Helllllooooo, Barbour jackets and preppy things!

4. Miss any gift guides? I have them all for you here!

5. C. Wonder is 30% off everything!

6. I found my mini monogram necklace ONLINE!! And for cheaper than what I paid too. It's also 20% off with the code above. Be sure to order by December 1 to get it in time for Christmas!

7. I saw Interstellar last night and it was amazing! I sobbed. But I also always cry at movies. My dad says that's how I gauge how much I like the movie. 

8. I'm head-over-heels for this dress

9. Had so much fun celebrating the launch of my friend Amanda's blog redesign. Be sure to check it out!

10. The famous J. Crew flannel is BACK and on MAJOR SALE! You. are. welcome.

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